Sophie’s Turn


Slapper? Slut? Adulteress? Sophie Penhalligan’s life and moral universe is turned upside down when rock star Dan proposes to her in full knowledge that she is already engaged. She has always loved Dan, in a remote-crush kind of way. She thinks she loves her fiancé, Tim. What is she to do?

It’s all happening because her past has come to tempt her. Nine years ago, she met her teenage idol and rock star extraordinaire, Dan Hunter, up close and personal. Well, almost!

Now Dan has crash-landed back in her life just as Sophie is happily embroiled in a relationship with Tim, her boyfriend of two years. Until recently, she was confident Tim would eventually propose. But while his persistent inaction is beginning to cast a cloud over their relationship, Dan’s sudden reappearance poses a whole new dilemma.

Having accompanied Dan’s band to Paris, Sophie suddenly finds herself engaged to Dan while her erstwhile fiancé Tim is… well, doing whatever it is Tim does back in London. Torn between the dream-come-true and the sensible-thing-to-do, Sophie concludes her inadvertent journey of self-discovery with an ending that surprises herself, and everyone around her.

Sophie’s Turn is a glamorous contemporary fairy tale that will make chick-lit and romance lovers laugh, cry and rock along every step of the way

Sophie’s Turn is the first installment of the Rock Star Romance Trilogy. In this story Nicky Wells is taking Sophie Penhallighan, your regular girl next door and throwing her together with her hero. The man she had idolised since her teenage years. Now nearly 30 she can do all those things that she wouldn’t / couldn’t so with him when she had the chance all those years ago. Does she? Hell yes! The only problem with this is that she has a fiancé waiting at home for her! Whats a girl to do?

Sophie’s Turn is a really enjoyable story. I was thinking last night just before finishing it that if you took S.C Stephens Thoughtless and Olivia Cunnings Sinners on Tour and combined them and then took out the erotic then you would be along the right lines. That is no mean feat. I adore both those series of books.

It’s funny that when you are reading the book you can’t help rooting for the rockstar, Dan Hunter, and at the same time thinking the fiancé, Tim Renfrew, is a bit of a knob. It’s not that he does anything wrong as such but he is a bit of a bore. You want Sophie to throw caution to the wind and have the time of her life with her rock star – something the rest of us could only ever dream of. Ever fibre of your being knows she is wrong for doing it. You don’t screw around on your fiancé, but then if they were the right fit she wouldn’t entertain the idea in the first place. Or maybe she just needs to get the guy out of her system. Over and over again 😉 He had said to her “What goes on tour stays on tour” Then Dan only goes and proposes in the most romantic of ways and the most exquisite of rings.

So who does she choose? The rock star or the accountant? The glitz and glam of life on the road with Dan or a life spent with Tim moulding her into the perfect wife? She might even end up doing one of them a favour. I guess you will just have to read and find out!

As I said I really enjoyed reading Spohie’s Turn and I am glad her story isn’t even nearly over. I am lucky enough that I have the next two books in my possession and I cannot wait to see where else Nicky Wells is going to take her. I am literally counting the days until I can get stuck into Sophie’s choice, it will be burning a hole in my reader. Damn reading schedule!

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  1. Woohoo! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tanya, I’m so happy that you enjoyed meeting and Sophie and Dan, and that you understand Sophie’s dilemma. Man, what a choice, right? I hope you enjoy their onward journey just as much… happy reading and ROCK ON!!!

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