Nikki, Sarah and Katie from Bookaholics Blog

Good Morning, today is the turn of the girls from the Bookaholics Blog. Sarah, Nikki and Katie have given fabulous answers and they all answered all of the questions. Thanks girls!!

Tell us a bit about your blog

Bookaholics Blog was started by Katie in November last year, I, Nikki quickly joined her and last month we added Sarah to our little blog family! Katie and Sarah live in the US and I live in the UK.

What made you start blogging about the books you were reading?

We all have a profound love of books , i live, eat and sleep books and it never ceases to amaze me how a powerful book affects me. I wanted to share my thoughts and the wonderful books that i had discovered as well as blogging to help new indie authors get noticed.

What is your preferred genre?

Nikki-For us girls, it has to be Romance. This however comes in all different shapes and sizes. Katie hates a cliffhanger and has to have a traditional happy ending. Sarah and i will read pretty much anything. I secretly love a massive cliffhanger as long as the sequel isn’t too far behind and i’m also just discovering a love for dark erotic romance.

Sarah- I love love love super emotional books. If an author makes me cry they are probably going to get a higher star rating from me! I just read Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken and it completely gutted me. For me that’s the sign of a great book. I actively avoid books that are billed as funny or anything along those lines.

Katie- This is where we all work well together because I love a funny book with smart ass characters. It is true I don’t like cliffhangers, that is because I don’t like the long wait for the second installment. If I know there is a cliffhanger I try and wait until the second book is out before I start to read the first one.

What upcoming new release are you most excited for?

Nikki- I absolutely cannot wait for Gabriels Redemption, I seriously love the Prof!! It has been a long time coming but it’s going to be so worth it.

Sarah- This is SO hard!! I’d probably have to go with Until You (Fall Away #1.5) by Penelope Douglas, I so can not wait for Jared’s side of that story. Or maybe Good (Too Good #1) by S. Walden, that forbidden romance thing always intrigues me!

Katie- Hmmm, this is a really tough question. I am excited about Mine by Katy Evans and Gabriel’s Redemption. Gabriel’s Inferno was one of the first books I read and I feel like I have been waiting forever for this book to come out. Hence why I hate cliffhangers.

What did you read last, are you currently reading and planning on reading next?

Nikki- I read Temporary Bliss by BJ Harvey- Due out next week and a 5 star read for me. My current read is Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters and it’s bloody fantastic! Next up is Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey.

Sarah- My last read was Love Exactly by Cassandra Giovanni, it was an okay story, I just didn’t quite connect with it. I’m currently reading Girl on Tour (Kylie Ryans #2) by Caisey Quinn, due out Aug. 27, I’m really enjoying it (but I do think the first one is better). I have a forewarning, from the author, that it is a little bit of a cliffhanger, so I’m anxious to get the last book and this one hasn’t even been published yet! My next book(s) are Love Notes and Heartstrings by Heather Gunter.

Katie- My last read was Temporary Bliss by BJ Harvey. I agree with Nikki FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I am currently back at school so I am not too sure what I am reading next. I have to squeeze them I to my hectic schedule which is sad for me because I love books.

Which book have provoked the biggest emotional reaction from you?

Nikki- For me it has to be Me Before You-Jojo Moyes it broke my heart for days and has stayed with me ever since.

Sarah- I’m super emotional, one of those girls that cries at commercials, so this is hard to nail down for me. If I’m being completely honest I’d probably have to go with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I spent such a huge chunk of my life reading those books that when it was finally done I was a complete mess.

Katie- Since I am one who loves the funny HEA books I haven’t read too many sad books because I lawn them off to Nikki, lol. I have to say that Let Love In by Melissa Collins really tore me up at the ending. I have to say that is a wonderful series.

What book surprised you the most, either good or bad?

Nikki- Consequenses and Truth by Aleatha Romig, i’ve never read something that plays with your mind quite as much as her books. Just as you think you have it all figured out she throws in a curve ball, it’s genius. There was a book that was surprisingly bad to me, everyone i know loved it but i couldn’t see how, not even a little bit! I won’t say what book it was though as i don’t believe in bashing books, each to their own!

Sarah- The Black Dagger Brotherhood, a friend recommended it to me a couple of years ago and I really didn’t think that it was my thing. After reading Dark Lover I was completely hooked! I am very thankful that I was led to that series!

Katie- I would have to say that Amelia Hutchins sucked me in with her Paranormal series. I never thought I would like a Paranormal but Fighting Destiny has really changed my mind. I currently beta read for her and I signed up when I first started the blog and I am really glad I did. You should really check it out.

If you were to be a character in any book who would it be?

Nikki- It would have to be Ava O Shea, from This Man, I am totally, head over heels in love with the control freak that is Jesse Ward *sigh*

Sarah- Probably Kami for Fear of Falling. I really identified with her, there is some shit in my past that was pretty screwed up and left me a mess. My husband though has been able to help my pick up the pieces, deal with them (as best I could), and put me back together.

Katie- There are so many I couldn’t even pick. It would have to be all the smart ass females.

What character in what book would you most like to slap some sense in to?

Nikki- Keira from Thoughtless, she really annoyed me but at the same time i felt where she was coming from.

Sarah- The same! Or maybe Anastasia Steele from FSoG. Good Lord someone needed to slap that girl!

Katie- I agree with the above mentioned characters. I also wanted to slap Grey from Stripped by Jasinda Wilder.

What was your favourite blog post to write?

Nikki- My review for Beneath the Burn by Pam Godwin, it was such a rollercoaster of a book, and evoked so many feelings in me, i could have written about it all day.

Sarah- My review Never Goodbye by Kerri Williams, that book had me bawling in the foreword. I cried a lot when I was reading it and more when I was writing my review. And that is what makes a good book for me, the tears.

Katie- I love writing all of my blog posts.

Which blog post has provided you with the most amount of hit?

Nikki- My Blog post for Beg by CD Reiss has had the most hits.

Sarah- My Never Goodbye review.

What book would you most like to see made into a movie?

Nikki– I actually think Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby would make a great movie.

Sarah- I’d love to see the Shattered Hearts series by Cassia Leo made into a movie. I loved that series, and I’m pretty sad that it’s over.

Katie- I would like to see Gabriel’s series into a movie.

Who is your ultimate book boy?

Nikki– The one and only Mr Grey, he is the reason i started this crazy reading, blogging journey and i’ll be ever thankful to E.L.James.

Sarah- So hard!! I really like tatted up bad boys. But, I’ve got to say I love Gideon Cross, I want a man who will do for me what he did for Eva.

Katie- Once again I agree with by fellow bloggers. Oh and I have a soft spot for Brad from Love Love and REMY.

Thanks girls for taking part.

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