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Welcome to the Extraordinary Retribution tour!

Find out all the information on Erec Stebbins’ new political thriller that readers are calling ‘dark’ and ‘engrossing’, plus enter the tour giveaway for the chance to win yourself a signed copy of this chilling novel.


Unknown-315What they say:

‘Sometimes evil is not born of madness, but madness of evil.

A rogue CIA agent partners with the brother of a slain colleague to uncover a conspiracy deep in the intelligence community. But a shadow follows them: a killer bent on a revenge so terrible, it is only matched by the crimes committed against him. In the end, no one escapes unscathed, no beliefs will go unchallenged, and no wrong will escape the terrible, final, and extraordinary retribution.’

What I say

While my organisational skills are improving they are no doubt still abismal. I do not remember signing up for this blog tour, though I have no doubt in my mind that I did. I was almost reluctant to read it. I did even message the organiser of this blog tour – the wonderful Charlotte Foreman and say – is there at least sex in it. I don’t mind telling you I was disappointed when she said no. Cos we all know what I read, right?

Ok, so there was no sex but there was no shortage of action. I didn’t read the blurb. Do I ever? When the opening of the book was set in Syria, I have to be honest, I groaned. I kept going though. Am I glad I did? Am I ever!!

This was a new genre to me. This is what I would label ‘A man book‘. I think I need to get me some more ‘man books’. It was thrilling. I was on the edge of my seat. I was trying to play mind games with the book or maybe that was Erec Stebbins playing mind games with me. I thought early on in the book I had the story line down. Great – a long ass book and I already know whats going to happen. Then no, dramatic change. Then I’m thinking actually no I think thats still going to happen. No, then, maybe not. Edge of your seat stuff people. Don’t try to outwit the book – you will give yourself a headache. Go with the flow. The flow is rapd by the way. The literary version of white water rafting.

The story is long, but it’s in three parts. Any shorter and it would be an injustice.

This part is gonna hurt, Thank you Charlotte. You always pick out the good ones!!

I would love to read more about these characters. Well the few that survived that is! It was like reading a series of 24. I expected Jack Bauer to show up at any moment.

As for genre? Crime? Action? Thriller? Political? I don’t know. I do know though that its a damn good read. It is already on my best of 2014 list.


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Author Bio


Erec Stebbins is a biomedical researcher who writes political and international thrillers, science fiction, narrated storybooks, and more.

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