All the Pretty Poses

All the Pretty Poses

All the Pretty Poses

It took Kennedy Moore years to put her life back together after Reese Spencer shattered it. But she did. Now, years later, strong and independent, she is in pursuit of a single dream—to dance with the Altman American Dance Theater. Unfortunately, Kennedy is learning that a girl from nowhere with no money and no contacts might never be able to reach her goal.

That is, until Reese reappears, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that Kennedy just can’t refuse. In exchange for working on his yacht for a few short weeks, he’ll get her an audition with the famous dance troupe. All Kennedy has to do is keep her head down, work hard and resist Reese. That sounds easy enough, right?

Reese doesn’t want to make it easy for Kennedy. Seeing her again has started a fire in his blood—an unwelcome one. It took him years to forget about her before, so this time he has a plan. It’s simple: Get Kennedy on his yacht, seduce her, get her out of his system, move on with his life. That sounds easy enough, right?

But the one thing Reese didn’t plan for was Kennedy herself—a girl so strong yet so broken, she makes him want to rescue her, to take care of her. To save her. Even if he has to save her from himself.

What I thought

Well now here is the thing. I was going to review All the Pretty Poses. Then I was on facebook earlier and saw a picture. I said I would just show you the picture and then you won’t give a damn what I have to say. You might not even finish reading what I write because you will have left me to one click and get the book. I might add, that is exactly what I would do. Hell after seeing this picture I just want to go and read the book all over again, and you know what – I just might!


With many thanks to the girls at A Book Whores Obsession for letting me use this image

OK folks thanks for coming 🙂 (To the blog, thanks for coming to the blog)

Now if any of you are hanging around and actually want to know what I thought of the book, then I will happily tell you.

After reading All the Pretty Lies I didn’t think I was going to like Reese. In fact I thought he was going to be every bit the asshole. And I suppose at the start he was. But that is because he running. Whether he is running away from something or searching for it is another matter completely.

I absolutely loved Kennedy’s character. She is smart, sexy and sassy. She doesn’t take things lying down (sometimes she stands too 😉 lol). She is no walk over, I do like an alpha male, but I don’t the female to be a complete sap either.

The book has it all, drama, sex, angst, tears, anger, grief. Name the emotion – you will find it here. Just when I thought we had it all sorted out there was another sucker punch. One I didn’t see coming. Don’t you love that moment that your jaw just bounces off the floor. Though I have to give it to her, it isn’t the first time Michelle Leighton has done this to me!!

You still here? Damn sorry, forgot to give you the link

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