Theirs (The Bears #1), By Hazel Gower

This was my first time reading a shifter romance book in the paranormal department. I loved the idea.
Some scenes in the book would sizzle more if the dialog was written a little better.

The main character Suzie lacked detail. Who is Suzie?  We kind of get a little bit of information of her past but not much. I know what she does for a living; writes romance books and runs a daycare/preschool. That stuff was just thrown into the book. Her family was thrown into the book and left us hanging on what happen and why. To many question and unfinished scenes in the book.

***If the character is going to be thick and curvy, please use a model that is thick and cury. I love a cover that matches the story***

However, I never give up on an author over one book. So I did try book two. Inwardly as I read book two I cringed. Both books felt rushed. Maybe some stories should not be short stories. I think the author has a great idea but needs to elaborate more, give us more.

Do I feel the price in justified for a very short incomplete story? No, I really do think the first book should be free or all three books should be a buddle pack.

I really felt like this was a waste of money.

Not sure if I want to read HERS. Maybe, just for closure.


Reviewed By: Michelle Thomas     @mcthomas79




Ours (The Bears #2), By: Hazel Gower


I enjoyed the author’s idea of shifters. I liked the idea of the bear family. But I was hoping with the second book there would be a little more to it. Some scenes in the book would sizzle more if the dialog was written a little better (“Theirs” & “Ours”).
In the other book (Ours) different plot but it felt that the author used the same sex scenes from the other book and just switched characters.
The main character Sandy. Who is Sandy? I know one thing about Sandy and to me she was a bit to annoying. I started rolling my eyes from her stupid actions.
I didn’t feel like I connected with any of the characters.

I guess some short stories work and then some just don’t. And when I mean the story doesn’t work, I just think it needed more detailed and should not have been a short story.

These two books “Theirs” & “Ours” is a very easy short read.

Plus if these main character women are chunky, why isn’t there a thick model on the front of the book?

The author can write about weight but won’t place the right character picture on the cover. Misleading.

I was actually disappointed about these two books, I don’t think the books should be selling at the price it is. Maybe the first one should be free and the other two $0.99 each.

I really felt like this was a waste of money. But it did introduce me to a new type of paranormal romance.

Reviewed By: Michelle Thomas   @mcthomas79