Karen Hawkins – The Prince Who Loved Me


As I began the first page of The Prince Who Loved Me, I was immediately drawn in to Bronwyn and her two lovely dogs. I instantly could imagine myself sitting there reading a romance book and questioning the book to my fur babies.


A few pages in the Prince is introduce. Quickly the author shows how alpha the prince is and how he is use to getting any woman he finds attracted.

With a simple kiss that is burned into Bronwyn’s memory, I find myself diving further into the story. Karen Hawkins words builds the scenery, characters and events smoothly that you do forget time for a brief moment. My moments happen to be six hours of reading. I could not and would not stop reading this book because I needed to know?

Bronwyn has two step sisters on the outside they appear to be nice and loving. However, I did not know what direction the author was going to take with each step sister. Yes, there is a bit foreshadowing, but you never know where that could really go. The step mother puzzled me more than the step sisters. I doubted her motives and I could not trust her, even Bronwyn was unsure of trusting her step mother.

Now if you have read how to Pursue A Princess than you have met Tata Natasha, a grand duchess who takes no crap from anyone and is always scheming. The woman does not stop scheming; it must be part of her gypsy blood line (just joking). Nerveless, if I was to meet this woman today or that time period or any I would want her on my side, because you just don’t know what she is up to.

Not only does the grandmother of the prince scheme, but so does the Prince. Alexsey knows what he wants and what he likes. He will use every gift he was blessed with to seduce Bronwyn. Alexsey seduced me into wanting more and I continued to read. Who wouldn’t want a Prince who was strong sexy and powerful that made you feel on fire and alive. However, Bronwyn hears the whole scheming plan of Alexsey and works on matching his scheme with her scheme.

There we find Bronwyn and Alexsey working on who can seduce the other. But the step mother and Tata Natasha does not make it easy. When Alexsey does find his way around their scheming plans he shows Bronwyn who is more in control and finds Bronwyn flirtation seductions sweet, cute and enduring.

As the story comes to an end I am pleased with the flow of events and the paths each character takes. Once again Karen Hawkins has wrote sweet, clever, classy story that pulls you in from page one.


Is this book interesting to read? Yes, it’s lovely historic romance.

Is the book worth the money? Yes! If we can buy fast food and coffee we should be able to buy a well written book.

Reviewed By: Michelle


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