Wasted Love by Danielle Jamie Review

10417549_769111883148872_1334941539997552274_nYou need to read this book and the others that go with it.


At first I was not the keen on wanting to continue past chapter one. Now I know most people will stop and pick up a different book when this happens. But I like to get a little further into a book before I make that decision and quit.


I’m not saying this story is bad, I just had a little harder time warming up to Brooklyn.

I first felt like this book did not match my interest because Brooklyn was being obnoxious wild. I did catch myself rolling my eyes and saying to myself really? I get that Brooklyn is carefree and doesn’t care what people think of her. I get it she likes sex. The author did a great job showing how some women can handle casual sex without being attached and having safe sex. But really when you have a friend that sleeps around as much a Brooklyn your other half is most likely going to think she is a slut and not be that comfortable with you hanging out with them.


Trust me I use to know a Brooklyn and have been a Brooklyn myself. Maybe that is why I didn’t want to like this character at first.


Once the plot started moving I was able to except the character and fall into it.

The plot is wonderful and easy to follow. There was one song that stuck out to me and I felt it really did not match a club scene (Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo – Let’s Go) and techno did not seem to match these country boys. So having them at techno club was a bit weird.


There was another part in the book that kind of through me off, horses. Now I have horses, so therefore, to have horses just casually running with a stud (stallion) is a little off key. There is a huge pecking order and you mostly don’t release mares out with a stud unless you want them bred. And I am kind of assuming the other horses were mares, if not then the geldings and stud would be fighting.


One more thing that stuck out to me while reading was “Wiggling eyebrows at him”? I can’t even imagine how that can look flirty, goofy, but not cute/sexy/flirty.

Will I buy any more books from this author? YES! I have to now, I am addicted and I need to read all them. I need to know what has been going and what else will be going on. Plus Brooklyn did grow on me, darn that girl. (Yes, I know not a real person)

Is the cost of the book worth the price it is selling? Ugh… this is kind of hard for me. I don’t want to up-set the author on her decision of price. But I do feel the book should sell on kindle or other digital for $2.99 and not a penny more.


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Wasted-Love-Brooklyn-Novel-Book-ebook/dp/B00NVZ1JYM/ref=sr_1_1_twi_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415418316&sr=8-1&keywords=wasted+love+by+danielle+jamie

Does this book deliver on hot romantic sex scenes? YES! The author does a wonderful job making almost each sex scene different from each male character introduced.

Like I said, over all I will be buying more books and wanting to know how this whole series goes.

Thank you very much for your time.


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