Ecstasy Unveiled (A Dominica Novel) by Larissa Ione


This is my very first story from this Larissa Ione. The cover looked interesting so I decide to read it.

The plot was good, but some parts felt a little slow at times. In the book the author has given a little glossary of words she uses to help the reader know what she is talking about. However, I did not feel the glossary really worked. Some of the characters were not in there. I was confused and would read on assuming I knew what the author meant.

Do I want to read any more in this series? No.

I just didn’t feel the story. It took me 2 weeks to read. Not once was craving to read this story once I started it.

However, I do give the author credit for inviting what the characters are and how the good and bad worlds mix with human worlds. It’s a really great concept and makes you think.

Overall I just didn’t care for the characters personality except for Idess.

Thank you for your time.

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