The Contract by M.C. Thomas


Enough! Samantha has had enough of her pushy, lazy, overly dyed, red head, witch of a supervisor. It’s time for her to step up and make changes in her life.

A composed email and a click of Samantha’s mouse is all it takes to start the roller coaster ride for her world. One email changes Samantha’s life forever.

Duncan is stunned! His partner just forwarded the email and as soon as he’s finished reading it, there, at his gym, standing at his counter, is Samantha. He never thought he would come face to face with that person within the same moment.  However, Duncan quickly forms his own agenda and takes on the role as a personal trainer to get to know this little spit fire beauty that has Collin in such a rage.

Collin is shocked that someone from the lower department of his law firm would send an email to him, instead of going through Human Resource. Since Samantha decided to choose Collin personally he thought it would be only right for him too correct her and send her on her way. Yet, when Collin sees Samantha his mind quickly changes and offers her a new position in the law firm, a position to work with him directly.

Samantha is bedazzled and blown away when two gorgeous, attractive, alluring, high-powered multi-millionaires seek her out.

She is scooped up in their triangle of love, as she enters into a contract with Collin and Duncan while knowing her heart could be broken at the end. Yet, another man from her past comes back into Samantha’s life, a man that she thought she would never see again. What will happen when her contract ends with Duncan and Collin? Who truly holds Samantha’s heart?

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