Take A Bow by CJ Wells

Did you read Perfect Plans? Yes, ok continue on to read my review.

Oh, Aby… Why must you be so difficult? Can’t you see Alex is trying.

10378197_393200667498627_7337290369081491482_nThe Perfect Plans I constantly did not want to trust Alex. It was so hard, because why? Well the message is clear; it’s too good to be true.

Book two I was right back on the roller coaster of Aby’s what if’s.

Just like book one’s review, I could only give it four stars.

I want you...

Reason 1:  Seriously, too much sex. I know, I know, is that even possible. But damn, every chapter is mostly them getting it on. At first it was hot, but after a while it was ok, they are having sex again. And, no I am not a prude, I love sex and I love reading about it. However, I did start to skip paragraphs and pages just to move the story along.


Reason #2: My INNER… Ok, it was annoying when I read this over and over in 50 shades of grey. I really thought the only time I am ever go to read my inner anything would be describe your insides melting or something like that.


I did find myself rolling my eyes to the cliché line. Plus there were moments I would yell to the books Gods, why, why did they have to add that?

the lady

BUT…. Don’t let that stop you from reading a book that will melt your insides out. The writers created characters that flowed so well with the words it was hard at times to put the book down.


The ending was PERFECT! The titles to each book clever and classy. The covers matched perfect. The writers did a wonderful job and I look forward to reading many more of their books.

The Perfect Plans Series

Yes, these writers can write about sex in so many different ways!


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