Sinful Desire by Lauren Blakely

sinful desire

What it’s about

It’s what Ryan Sloan values most. Control of his business, control of his secrets, control of his days and nights. With the way his life spiraled in the past, he needs to stay in charge of his present.
Giving up control.
It’s what Sophie Winston craves. After a wildly successful career, she’s stepped away from the business world and is now focused on her work as her city’s most noted philanthropist.
When she meets Ryan Sloan, the chemistry is scorching, and utterly undeniable. Their desire for each other runs red hot. He wants everything she’s willing to give him in bed, and she wants him to take her to new heights as only he can.
Soon, he has to have more. All of her — heart, mind and body.
The only trouble is, he hasn’t been honest about how he met her and the dangerous connection he has to her brother.
When the truth is revealed, he’ll have to give more of himself than he’s bargained for or risk losing the only woman he’s ever let into his heart.

What I say

Ok so it is no big secret. Lauren Blakely is my all time favourite author. However even I get nervous when my favourite authors write a new book. There a quite a few of them that have released a book and I have thought well damn thats not one of their best. I hate when that day comes because it makes me feel guilty. So with baited breath I began to read Sinful Desire and there I was hooked within the first couple of pages and all my worries were unfounded.

Anyone that reads a Lauren Blakely book knows that her heroines are sexy as sin and often feisty and her men are quite simply hot as fuck. Usually to be fair I am way more interested in the men than I am in the women. This time though it was the Sophie that jumped out of the pages at me.

She is, in my opinion, by far the sexiest Blakely chick so far. Thats no mean feat let me tell you, she has some serious competition. And Ryan. Well the competiton for the hottest Blakely man is just so intense I do believe I feel like I am cheating on someone if I dare to pick a favourite.

Lauren’s books seem to sizzle more and more with each one. Even the covers, have you seen the cover of this one , that alone would melt the panties right off you. I love her characters. There are no overly needy whiney women thank the lord cos i’m telling you – that shit gets old real fast. Sophie, like the other Blakely women, is a strong character. She is extremely smart, successful and knows her own mind, she is sweet but man she is feisty. She takes no prisoners and makes no apologies for it. And Ryan, well he is everything you would expect in a Blakely boy. Strong, self assured, alpha, loving and doesn’t do anything half hearted. He is a good guy, but his past haunts him more than just a bit. Then of course there are all sorts of complications when he hides his ‘relationship’ of sorts with Sophie’s brother John. That is sure to stir up all kinds of trouble.

Don’t forget there is a continuing storyline here, and there will be for a few books more. A few more crumbs to follow, stones unturned and secrets revealed. Also more questions to be asked with everyone that is answered. There is a wonderful suspense running through a beautiful if not perfect love story.

So basically, it is intriguing, funny, sexy and seriously fuck hot.

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