Happy Birthday!!



Yep that’s right. It is our birthday here at After the Final Chapters. It is hard to believe that it is three years ago since I was ‘bullied’ into starting a blog by a most wonderful friend. She also happens to be a pretty damn good author too and you should totally check her out! So Carmel Harrington I thank you!

I am also very lucky to have had the pleasure of  M joining me along for the ride. I have been busy in college this past year so most of what you have seen has been from so thank you and I send you much love xxx

I have had wonderful support right from the very beginning from some of my favourite authors, not least Lauren Blakely ,  Lexi Ryan, Sawyer Bennet and Elizabeth Reyes . Publishing houses including Haper Collins, Penguin Ireland and Random House have also playes a big part in our existence.

The readers and followers are amazing!

Now I just sound like I am practicing my Oscars acceptance speech … I would also like to thank…

Really though… it’s been three years and there is noway i can individually thank everyone. I thank you all. We will be running a giveaway event in March so sit tight while we work all that out!

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