Review – A Beautiful Funeral by Jamie McGuire





Four years ago, like so many other people, I developed a renewed interest in reading. Life had gotten in the way and I just didn’t have time anymore. I also discovered the ebook. Something which had previously turned my nose up at. Oh, if only I had known the hours of pleasure ahead of me at the hands of an ereader.


I had just finished the FSoG trilogy and came across a blog with an article which was giving a list of what to read after 50 shades. I read many of those books and became a fan of so many new authors and an all new genre of books for me, New Adult.


One of the very first books I read from this list was Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire . I had just gotten my very first book boyfriend in Travis Maddox.  I absolutely fell in love with this book and it is one I reread often, and I don’t generally do rereads.  From here I followed all of the Maddox brothers just as soon as they came available to me.  I loved all the boys but Travis was always special to me and Thomas held a spot too.


After reading the very last Maddox brother book I couldn’t believe that was it. Jamie McGuire had done it, she had taken these boys and gave them all life and now here we are with A Beautiful Funeral – wondering which of the Maddox clan she was going to take that life away from.


I started reading ABF and I didn’t know whether to be excited or apprehensive. I had butterflies in my tummy and I felt sick with worry all at the same time. Thinking there has to be some kind of play on this. She wouldn’t REALLY kill off someone, would she? Well I am not going to tell you what happens. Where is the fun in that? You will just have to read the book and find out for yourself. You can order from Amazon US or Amazon UK – you won’t be disappointed.


Now where was I, Oh yea. OK so I dived in with abandon. It was so good to catch up with all my old friends, their wives, America and Shep and all of the children, and let us not forget Dad. I think Jim maddox has a special place in all of our hearts.  I read with a smile on my face, well until there wasn’t. My smile was replaced with tears and I read and watched in my imagination as the Maddox family fell apart and were put through the rigner. Heartbreak, lies – or secrets for the families own good depending on who you ask, grief and confusion were only a few of the emotions swirling through the story. These emotions weren’t only in black ink in front of my eyes but I could feel them swirling in the pit of my stomach. There was still a lot of the book left and how the hell was I going to cope!


That’s the trouble of getting mixed up with the mafiam- when they have revenge on mind they are going to keep going til they get it. You can take out the top man but there will always be someone else there to take their place. The Maddox clan are in danger and nothing is settled until sacrifices are made and maddox blood has been spilled, and spilled it was.


What can I say. This book broke my bloody heart. I shed a few tears here and there and then, well then I sobbed my heart out as we said goodbye to someone from one of our very very favourite book families. It did however bring the story to its end and what better way to say goodbye to an old friend.


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