Lovesick and Hot Mess by TL Smith and Emily Goodwin is LIVE NOW

Lovesick by T.L. Smith

Hot Mess by Emily Goodwin



Title: Lovesick

Author: T.L. Smith

Genre: Contemporary Romance

I couldn’t do broken. 


Broken is what he was. 

Broken is what I will always be.


To his eyes, that held so much despair, I couldn’t look for long. 


To his fist, that clenched so tightly, like he was locking away the sorrow. 

To his lips, that never uttered a word, from the years of heartbreak. 

And despite it all, I couldn’t stay away from him. 

It was like he was drowning in an ocean, and I wanted to grab his face, and whisper to his lips, “Don’t forget to breathe.”


This was how I fell for a man. A man who was so lovesick, I was afraid he would drown me in that same ocean he was lost in.



“Lovesick isn’t your typical romance. Nor is it for the light of heart. Prepare yourself for all the feels, and learn to live again through these broken, yet incredibly strong characters.” ~Molly McLain, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Slow burn. Those two words explain my emotions while reading this raw love story. T.L. Smith left me lovesick. A refreshing read full of dark feelings that will leave your world spinning. Perfection amongst shattered hearts.” ~HJ Bellus, USA Today Best Selling Author

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