Girl In The Mirror – Elizabeth Reyes


I have a certain handful of authors who I will drop everything (except my trousers ;p ) and read their book. One of those is none other than Elizabeth Reyes. There is not a book that she has written that I have not read. I doubt that there will ever be a book she will write that I won’t read, and please Elizabeth, do not feel the need to prove me wrong.

So last week, Girl In The Mirror released. I feel I have to say it because though many of you know already, this may be someones first time reading my reviews – I do not read blurbs. I like to go as blind as possible into a book and experience the story as it is meant to be without having any crumbs or knowing what is coming up. I find I am just waiting all the time for something to happen.

Before I talk about the book I would like to talk about the cover. Isn’t it just amazing. I think it is the most hauntingly beautiful cover I have ever seen. I would love to know what you think – tell me in the comments section.


Those eyes!

Its really impossible for me to talk too much about this book without giving too much away. One thing that I will say is that it is very different (in my opinion) to anything else I have read by Elizabeth Reyes. It took me a little while to sink in and get comfortable. We all have our favourite authors and I suppose to a certain extent we know what we expect from them. By no means was it bad, I just had to rewire my thinking a bit. The story took over though and carried me away. I got so drawn into this story I didn’t want to go to sleep. When I woke I picked my kindle straight up and didn’t want to get out of bed (bewteen you and me I didn’t for quite a few hours).

This was quite a different read for me. There was a bit of a mystery in there. More than a bit of suspense. You will draw suspicions, then you will second guess yourself. Are you right?  Possibly – maybe – just a little bit?  I know for a fact that it wasn’t just me thinking this.

Your stomach will knot and twist. Your heart will ache. You will smile and you will cry. You might want to hop your kindle off the wall or off a character. This books will turn you inside out, in the best possible way.

What you will definitely do is fall in love with Maggie and Nic!

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