Fallen Heir by Erin Watt – Review by Tanya



Wow. Just wow. I don’t even know where to begin. I love this series, every single bit of it and I don’t think I can recommend it highly enough.

My heart is hurting for that poor boy. Life and soul of the party only he isn’t, his soul is crying out for someone to just notice him. He needs a great big bloody hug and then maybe a sit down with the best damn therapist that money can buy. He is completely over looked but I think it’s partly his own doing, sorry don’t shoot, he puts on this asshole persona to cover up the fact that he is quite literally downing in shallow water. He doesn’t realise that all he has to do is stand up, take a deep breath and ask for someone to throw him the life ring, i.e. Ask for help.

As for Hartley, man that girl has issues of her own. She can’t be responsible for saving Easton, the poor girl needs someone to save her. The thing is though they are perfect for each other but they need to both get their shit together before trying to give to someone else.

This story has me twisted up in all sorts of ways. I’m one of those girls that finished one book and literally starts another one straight away. I finished this one hours ago and it won’t leave me, it’s not only lodged in my head but there is this big knot in the centre of my chest and I can’t get it to leave me alone.

The ending of this book was spectacular for more than one reason. I mean I love a good cliff hanger but this was like a double whammy. If that poor boy needed help before then I don’t know what the hell he needs now.

Just gotta pass the time til January now to see how Erin Watt is going to twist us up next. I’ve a feeling there may be tissues at the ready


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