In Too Deep by Lexi Ryan – Tanya’s review


Oh well now, I don’t even know where to start with this one or even what to say. Having been a huge Lexi Ryan fan for years I anticipate each new book of hers with sheer excitement. I wanted Mason and Bailey’s book right from the beginning of this series when I read Spinning Out. I mean, who the hell wasn’t. They are that couple aren’t they. The couple that you are rooting for, that you want to see succeed. When you know there is a story just dying to be told and there is way more to these two than what you can see on the surface. With each book in the series the surface was scratched that little bit more, leaving the few crumbs that we all gobbled up and there was never a chance of finding our way back, not that we would have wanted to.

Lexi Ryan knew what she was doing leaving these two for last. The hype surrounding the was fantastic and she didn’t disappoint. Their story was sweet and for sure had a bit of sour mixed in there. It was heartfelt and it was bloody heart breaking. I know I shed more than a few tears during it. Poor Bailey had the weight of the world on her shoulders and typical of a strong and independent woman that has had to do so much on her own she mistakenly thinks she has to keep doing so. Mason however he would take all that burden and make it his own and he would do it with a heart and a half. He isn’t living the carefree privileged life that Bailey thinks he has either. He has his own past and his own burdens. He has some fairly big issues that he needs to get off his own chest. If only they realised that they could work through these issues so much better together, and maybe just maybe the secrets that they are harboring aren’t as devastating as they think they are.

I love the fact that they got married in Vegas and I loved the fact that he knew exactly what he was doing – and me personally? I don’t think she was oblivious to it as she would have us believe.

I cannot get to grips with the fact that this is the end of the Blackhawk Boys. I couldn’t believe it’s the 5th and final book of the series. I feel like I have a deep attachment to these boys and now they are all gone. I’m feeling some abandonment issues.

As for Lexi Ryan though and being a huge fan, huh, i’m not sure I even like her anymore! She broke me with this book. Like really broke me. I read this about two weeks ago and do you know how many books I have read since? NONE. She broke me. BIGGEST book hangover that I have ever had. (of course while i’m mildly hating on her I actually love her even more lol)


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