Sinfully Summer

Sinfully Summer

Alexa Green is that girl. She is the trust fund baby splashed across the papers every week in an outrageous display of drunken antics. Flashing her knickers – when she is wearing them, draped around some random guy or falling out of some trendy club or other she has the reputation of a spoiled rich bitch.

While on a ‘last fling’ holiday with her two best friends before they get married things don’t start out much different. Staying in an exclusive hotel in Marbella owned by the delectable Enrique Castillo its champagne and dares all round. What she doesn’t count on is her dare is going to leave her standing in only her underwear in the penthouse occupied by none other than Mr Castillo himself.

Setting off a chain of events that must open old wounds to enable them to heal this is a journey for both of them that will be funny, painful and sexy!

Sun, sea, sand, sex and scandal. What more could a girl want?

It is a well-known fact that I don’t do comedy and while Sinfully Summer by Aimée Duffy isn’t a comedy it had me laughing the whole way through. It was very witty with quite a sarcastic humour – that I can relate to! Both main characters are quick-witted, passionate and firey. From the very first pages you will be enthralled and feel the chemistry cracking from your reader, do not be alarmed it is not short circuiting, these two are just that hot!

A lot of more serious issues come in to play in Sinfully Summer and while as a whole the book is light-hearted Aimée Duffy certainly isn’t afraid to delve into more serious darker waters. A well-balanced entertaining sexy read!

The Pleasures of Summer


No i don’t mean the weather and a good job too as in Ireland Mother Nature has decided to skip summer this year. No it is the new book by Evie Hunter. You will remember Evie’s first book, The Pleasures of Winter, a sensation last year selling over 50,000 copies. Well she is back with a brand new story – The Pleasures of Summer and it is sure to be, well a pleasure!

So whats it all about?
Summer O’Sullivan is an IT girl. She spends her life partying, shopping and then partying some more. She is a spoilt little rich bitch that is used to wrapping daddy round her little finger. Now she is in danger and daddy wants her protected. She manages to get rid of every bodyguard hired to protect her, but she hadn’t bargained on Flynn Grant walking through her door.

An Irish Ranger, Flynn is more than a match for all Summer tries to throw at him. He has dealt with the Taliban for heaven’s sake – no society girl is going to best him. It doesn’t take long for Flynn to set down the ground rules and Summer breaks them just as fast. She wasn’t however expecting to have to deal with consequences!

When they have to flee London for a safe house in the remote Scottish Highlands the two struggle for control. Days are long and Summer reveals there is more to her than sleek hair and perfect nails. As the lines become blurred and hearts become tangled will their ever-changing relationship cause her to be in more danger than ever? When the games are over and it’s a matter of life and death who will finish the victor?

I started this book on Monday afternoon and was finished it by Tuesday evening, I really couldn’t put it down. I woke with a start on Monday night as the book fell out of my hand and landed with a thud on the bedroom floor. When I woke at six the next morning instead of rolling back over for another hour I turned on the lamp and picked up where I had left off the night before. The story had consumed me. It wasn’t just a love story, it wasn’t just an erotic tale it combined both of these and then throw in a bit of an action story too with guns and explosives not to mention your Special Ops missions. The story was constant, always something happening but it was believable. That is the most important thing isn’t it? We all get lost in the fantasy, imagining it was us – but it has to be viable, I mean there is only so much sex a couple can have – right? Evie Hunter has a unique way of telling a story that you really don’t know whats going to happen next, she is certainly got the knack of penning a page turner! I cannot wait for book 3!

How lucky was I to get an interview with Evie Hunter?

This interview is a bit different to the norm. Evie Hunter is actually two authors Caroline McCall and Eileen Gormley who met at a creative writing workshop in Dublin in 2010. On discovering that they shared a passion for erotic fiction, they became the best of friends. In early 2012 they got a chance to co-write a series of erotic novellas for an American publisher. When they completed the second one without killing each other, they decided to take on something bigger. Eventually, they emerged into daylight, clutching THE PLEASURES OF WINTER, saying ‘Never again’ … until the next time.

So the questions have been put to both ladies and they will both answer all the questions. For Caroline McCalls interview clck HERE and for Eileen Gormley’s interview click HERE

Finally, to be in with a chance to win a copy of both The Pleasures of Winter and The Pleasures of Summer click HERE