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Lets start with a confession; My Name is Tanya Farrell and I am an addict. Ok so, I’m not addicted to Cigarettes, Alcohol or Drugs. Not the regular kind anyway – my drug of choice? Books. And lots of them. I read a book every couple of days. So I, with some gentle nudging from a great lady and special friend, decided to start my own blog to review these books. I would also like to throw in a few extras, where possible an interview with the Author and where not i will try to throw in a bit of Trivia.

Lets get one thing clear though, if you are looking for a review of Ulysses or War and Peace then let me save you some time. You are in the wrong place, you took a wrong turn about ten minutes ago because there is just no way you are going to find that here! If, however, you are like myself and you like a bit of YA, Romance, Sometimes even a little bit of naughty for good measure then this is the place to be. Those fab books with a bit of angst and tension thrown in, that’s me. I will do my best to honest and fair and give the best review I can. These will be my opinions though and not everyone will agree. I love the Romance, I’m a bit of a Sap, truth be told.
Of course I hadn’t read a book in years. After having three children in three years I quite simply didn’t have the time. Then came Fifty Shades of Grey. My friends told me to get an App on my phone and read it as an eBook. Well thank heaven for the App, I would have been only mortified if people knew what I was reading. It was so easy to read them on my phone, I got addicted. One click buying didn’t help matters either, or made them even better depending on how you look at it! Myself and Kobo have become best friends since back around May 2012. I have read a lot of books since then. And here I would like to let you in on some of them.


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