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Reviews are really hard to do. I have look at the target audience or at least try to. Some times I feel like an English teacher and find myself cringe inwardly. I look at the story from a legal side and as a researcher. There are times, I do have to remind myself not to rip stories apart.

Ooooh…. And I cannot stand reviews that give everything away. Don’t give me a summary of the book. I am not asking for a book report of the eventS that transpired. Sheesh… Reviewers, don’t break the book down. Don’t give away the twist and turns.

If you are confused on how to write a review, message me. I will be happy to generate some question you can ask yourself to help you write simple reviews.

Ok! Check out my REVIEWS!


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/mcthomas79

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/32203553-michelle-thomas

River Savage – Incandescent

Rescued By The Pack, By: Leah Knight

Her Ride, By: Rachael Orman

Theirs, By Hazel Gower

Ours, By: Hazel Gower

Remember Me, By: Charlie Daye

Fury, By: Charlie Daye

Karen Hawkins – The Prince Who Loved Me

It Happen at Christmas – Debbie Mason

Wasted Love By Danielle Jamie

Ecstasy Unveiled (A Dominica Novel) by Larissa Ione

Affliction by River Savage

Chasing Midnight – Shyloh  Morgan& Alex Morgan

Royal Blood – Amity Cross

Mister Black – PT Michelle

Scarlett Red – PT Michelle

Perfect Plans – CJ Wells

Take A Bow – CJ Wells

Unexpected – Jeana E Mann

Losing It – Audra North

Misbehavior  – Kathryn Kelly

Saving Abel – Gina Whitney

‘Til Death – Bella Jewel

Sizzle – Sarah O’Rourke

Reclaimed by River Savage

Cry Wolf by Rochelle Paige

Shoot For The Moon by Rochelle Paige

Thrown to the Wolves by Rochelle Paige

January by Audrey Carlan

February by Audrey Carlan

Blind Love (Poems & Short Stories) by Shawna Mccallister 

Blackest Red by PT Michelle – 5 AMAZING STARS


50 Shades of Grey Book & Movie – by Michelle

March by Audrey Carlan

April by Audrey Carlan

2016 Reviews (Um… wow did time fly this year)

DEEP by Jaine Diamond

Chase by Sassie Lewis

Yolanda Olson – Agony

Yolanda Olson – Rebound

Desperately Undo by Christine Winston



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