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Thanks to Tanya for sharing her wonderful blog with me  (M). I am now able to share my insight and opinions on books I read. To me this is fantastic! I have been an avid reader since I was eight. Romance has always been my main favorite category. I am dabbling with writing my own books. Therefore, I prefer not use my entire name. Yes, it would be easier if I pick a pen name for reviewing or when I do decide I want to publish.

At this time I create book trailers, book teasers, book covers, photographer and so on. A wonderful thing about my book trailers is the music is written by local artist around me. I will have that up and running before summer (I hope).

When I am not busy in the indie world, I am busy working as a paralegal, raising my two boys, whom are active in sports (should be three if you count my husband at times), cleaning because no one seems to know how to do it right. Yep, a little control freak here. Saving animals when I get a chance. Helping friends and family. Saving the world. Training horses, here and there. Coach American football as a head coach. I am jack of all trades.

And now… What my college English teacher would ask me… “why do we read?”

Why do we read? Is it something that we lack in our lives or is it a world that we get to visit for a short period of time that we can construct and pick who appears for each character introduced to us.


To me it is a temporary escape where I can pick what the characters look like and envision how deep the scene really goes. Yes, the writer helps paint that picture,fantasy%20books but words can only go so far until your mind takes control and develops the rest.

Please share your insight and opinions with us on the reviews we post about books we read. If there is a book you feel that we should read because it has captivated you and you would like to share it, please let us know.

We do not mind if you disagree or agree with a book. Maybe, there is something we missed.

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