That Day

Today is World Poetry Day, as such I have decided to bite the bullet, take the plunge, grab the monkey by the tail…. I could go on but I can hear you begging me to stop 😉

The Following is a Poem I wrote a few months ago. It truly is amazing how getting something down on paper can help you! If there is something rattling around that head of yours, I recommend grabbing a pen and a bit of paper and letting it all out. So here goes…

That Day

That day
The most significant day
It was the day my world shook

Was it raining? Cold? Windy?
I don’t know
I do know I will never remember the day I will never forget

Well… I remember screaming, the shocked faces just sitting, staring
I remember the sound of my phone ringing, and my body unable to move to answer it
I remember the sweet tea and even now I remember it was disgusting

I don’t remember making calls, maybe I didn’t?
I don’t remember packing, maybe I didn’t?
I do remember six long hours sitting in a car, shell-shocked
Sleep finding me five minutes from home, I think?

I remember their faces
Faces I wish I could forget
I wish I could forget that day
Ten years seem like such a long time
Yet that day could have been yesterday
So, if I can remember nothing how come I will never forget that day