Lauren Blakely -The interview

Who is Lauren Blakely?

I’m just a smalltown girl, living in a lonely world. Sorry, I was practicing my karaoke song! Though, truth be told, my karaoke standards are Sweet Child of Mine and Living on a Prayer (much like McKenna in Trophy Husband). But seriously. I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a dog person, a writer, a ghostwriter, a reader and a cheerleader for my friends! I love romantic comedy flicks, witty TV shows, and really goofy humor. I also love happy endings. Most of all, happy endings.

Tell us a bit about your books.

My three novels are Caught Up In Us, Pretending He’s Mine and Trophy Husband and they’re sexy and sweet, fun and flirty, new adult and contemporary romances.

Is it necessary to read Caught Up In Us and Pretending He’s Mine before reading your new book Trophy Husband?

Nope! Don’t you want to though? *bats eyes* But the hero in Trophy Husband is the brother of a supporting character in both Caught Up In Us and Pretending He’s Mine – Jill – who will be the lead character in my next release, Playing with My Heart.

You just released Trophy Husband, how do you feel in the days running up to a book being released?

Nervous, emotional, a total crying wreck! Wait. I’m cool, calm and collected. (Said no author ever).

Do you get nervous when it comes to reading the first reviews of a book?

Definitely! I try to stay away from reviews, but that’s pretty much impossible, so I just hope that readers like my books and are entertained by them enough to leave lovely, gushing reviews!

What is your preferred genre to read?

Romance! Romantic comedy, sexy romance, erotic romance, new adult romance, and young adult romance.

I’m guessing romance lol

What do you think has started the New Adult craze?

What I love most about the New Adult craze is it’s reader-driven. As soon as new adult novels started hitting the virtual shelves, readers snapped them up. I believe that’s because there’s been a gap in the shelves. Young readers who grew up loving young adult novels wanted something a bit more adult as they became older. New Adult stepped in, and readers said YES. WE WANT THESE BOOKS.

When you wrote your first book, did you find the road to publishing daunting?


Do you hold any superstitions?

If I can, I try to unroll the car windows when driving across a bridge. You know, in case I crash into the water and the only way I can escape is through the car windows because then I’d be pissed if the power windows weren’t operating while the car was submerged. Well, I guess not that pissed. I’d probably be dead. How’s that for a morbid superstition!

I have read that you love toast? I am a firm believer that tea and toast is one of the most satisfying things to eat. What do you like to put on your toast?

I adore you. Yes! Toast and tea! I can’t start the day without toast and tea. I have my toast with butter, and I drink Jasmine Fancy green tea every morning. I am a creature of habit, and I love this habit!

If you couldn’t live in California where would you like to live?


Do you have a motto you live by?

Yes. Karma is real. Be good.

What three luxuries could you not live without?

Pedicures. Visits to the salon every five weeks. And fancy chocolate.

Trophy Husband

Trophy Husband

It is the night before her wedding and fashion blogger McKenna Bell is delivered the mother of all blows. By voicemail. Her boyfriend of 6 years and soon to be husband has met someone in Vegas, and MARRIED HER. She is younger than McKenna and a ‘Trophy Wife’. After molly coddling herself for longer than she really should she decides it’s time to get on with her life. Of course then life delivers a kick up the ass when she runs in to him in her favourite donut shop, a haven that he had not previously tarnished. Until now.

Deciding it’s time to get herself back in the game she decides to set about finding her very own ‘Trophy Husband’. The man who will fulfil this role will have to meet strict criteria. As she isn’t exactly old herself her TH must be aged 21-23, exceptionally hot but must also have a brain.

McKenna’s blog is hugely successful, so much so it’s become a cable show. She uses this platform to propel her quest for the perfect TH. As most of the dates she goes on turn out to be as dull as dish water Chris McCormick enters the scene. He is SMOKIN HOT. Unfortunately he doesn’t fall under the age criteria. And McKenna could imagine losing herself in him. That isn’t the aim here; she isn’t looking for love, loving could mean losing which will result in having her heart all over again.
What is to become of McKenna’s hunt for the perfect Trophy Husband, how will Chris factor into her plans and is she going to stay on her game and make it down the aisle this time?

Trophy Husband is Lauren Blakely’s third novel. Already a New York times Best Selling author Lauren found herself right back there when Trophy Husband entered the top 20!

If you have read the previous two Caught up in Us and Pretending He’s Mine then I don’t need to tell you that you are in for a treat. Chris is actually the brother of one of the supporting character in the other two novels, Jill, and I am happy to say she will be having her own story told soon. You don’t need to have read Lauren’s previous book before this one but I do suggest you put them on your ‘to read’ list cos they are damn good.

I was reading the book and enjoying it immensely and I have to admit, while blushing, that I did a fist pump and shouted “YES” when Chris entered the scene. There is a small build up before we find out his identity and I was sitting saying please please please. He is so damn lovable right from the very start.

Trophy Husband is well written and never goes off point; it’s a real feel good book which will have you rooting for the characters from start to finish. It definitely has the right humour, serious, angst ratio. I read it in a day – I just couldn’t bring myself to put it down. The only problem I have with the book is that it ended. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye 😦 and I can only hope there will be more about Chris in Jill’s book. Please….

I had fully intended to review this book before now and I even interviewed Lauren immediately after the books release. Such is life that I couldn’t get around to reading it until now but I do hope that you enjoy the interview all the same. To read my interview with Lauren Blakely please click HERE

Trophy Husband is available from Amazon Smashwords Barnes and Noble