What they say…

A short sexy novella by Jennifer Culbreth

Sometimes life’s easier when you live it behind a mask. But what happens when someone comes along and makes you want to take that mask off?

This novella is 45 pages. Contains whips, restraints, and graphic sexual content. Intended for adults over the age of 18. Enjoy…

What I say…

This novella came to me highly recommended from a bunch of ladies who know what they like! Fabulous ladies that they are, they know when something is hot. This book is hot. It is a novella so a very quick read, I am a bit disappointed that it wasn’t longer but that is something that I can easily get over. That’s when an author is doing her job right, when she leaves you wanting more. Well let me tell you, Jennifer Culbreth is doing her job right. I will have to go read more from this author!

If you would like to have a read you can buy it here. Sorry, did I say buy? It is currently FREE, guilt free one clicking. You gotta love it!

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