Betrayed & Crushed by Jade Kerrion

Title: Betrayed

Author: Jade Kerrion

 Release Date: December 1, 2014


Marguerite Ferrara wows audiences on the haute couture

catwalks of Milan, Paris, and New York, but whenever she’s face-to-face with

Drew Jackson, she feels like a gawky thirteen-year-old in love with a superstar

who will never see her as more than his younger brother’s ex-girlfriend.

Drew’s superstar days are long over. A car accident shattered

his knee, destroyed his football career, and crushed his hopes of winning

Maggie’s love. How can he, a desk-bound financial advisor, compete against the

celebrities Maggie whirls through one-night stands or Tyler Lamarck, the social

media maverick who sweeps her off her feet?

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Title: Crushed

Author: Jade Kerrion

 Release Date: December 1, 2014


Cody Hart, the daredevil black sheep of the esteemed Hart

clan, should never have made it to his twenty-fifth birthday. What he hadn’t

counted on, though, was his best friend dying instead of him.

Emotionally devastated and financially ruined by the death

of her brother, Felicity Rivers is down to her last hundred dollars when Cody

offers his help, at a price. She’s out of options, but nothing on Earth could

possibly entice her into the arms of the man who killed her brother.

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Author Bio

Jade Kerrion writes award-winning and occasionally best-selling

science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary novels anchored on unlikely romances

you will root for and happy endings you can believe in. Her favorite romance is

the Double

Helix love triangle between Galahad—the lab-created perfect human

being; Danyael—an alpha empath and Galahad’s physical template; and Zara—the

woman who can wreak more havoc with love than most people can with hate

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