Blackest Red by PT Michelle – 5 AMAZING STARS *****


Book 1: Rocked/Loved it – 5 Stars

Book 2: Rocked/Loved it – 5 Stars


Now the ending. Time to say good-bye. Sniff… Sniff… Yes, I am being dramatic. Maybe I want Sebastian too. Damn that man is hot in the book world.


Ok, back to the review…
Just finished Blackest Red. Every chapter was perfect. The last chapter brought a few tears of happiness. Sebastian and Talia have been written so perfectly matching and needing each other. The perfect mystery that keeps the plot moving and the chemistry you feel for the characters move you and make you yearn for the passion that these two feel.


Thank you PT Michelle for writing part three perfectly wonderful.



Now, I am just sad the story is over, but happy for the ending.


I am very grateful for the opportunity to receive an arc from the author (PT Michelle) to review.

Blinded by Love: Romantic Poems and Short Stories Full of Love, Passion, and Sensual Seduction by Shawna Mccallister

3 Stars Because the poems were good. The short stories lacked. I actually started racing through the short stories. I know that short stories are super short, but in my opinion I just did not like the content of the writing style applied.