hmmm… Interesting concept the author tried.

Did the author master multiple character personalities for each chapter? No. I caught myself going back and forth checking on who did the chapter belong to.

I get kind of annoyed when things are repetitive. The characters kept repeating their feelings. None of the characters showed their feelings or their characteristics. Don’t tell me your messed up. Show me messed up.

To many main characters in one book. It’s almost like watching the old tv show HEROS. Every five minutes a new scene of someone different.

There is no closure for this book. The cliffhanger does not even pull me into wanting to know what happens next in book two.

Why? Because I did not bond with any character. I developed no feelings for any characters. Felt more like a police report recall scenes and events.

The author dates herself by adding in Meg Ryan hair style reference. Meg Ryan has been out of the public eye for some time now. And then if you did google Meg Ryan because the younger generation would not really know her, what hair style are you referring to?

Ok why three stars?

* Keanu is the only character that stands out as an individual. But the story is not about him? It’s about one two many people.

** Next star I give about trying and being creative with taking on so many main characters in one book. No, I don’t think the author should have published so quickly. Maybe later the author will go back and more characteristics and feelings to each chapter.

*** Third star. The event that ties them all together. That took some major creativity. Very well thought out.

Would I buy this? No. I would wait until it is part of a box set for reasonable price, under $3.00. The story is not a real cliffhanger ending. It’s long story with lots of main characters.
Cover appeal? The cover matches only one character, but it’s no just Retro & Birdies story. So you loose their love story in the book. The cover is not attracted at all.

I actually skipped over this book a few times. I had no interest in it, even when I read the blurb.

However, I was asked to do a review. I did not ask what kind of book it was. I had my husband open the chapter for me, because I did not want to see the cover first. When I was finished I checked the cover and then it dawned on me.

Ok, my review sounds mean and ruthless. But there are positives in this review as well.

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