How in the name of God…The #Hashtag series

Do you ever open a book and right there on the very first page get butterflies?

Butterflies because you just know that this was the type of book that was written just for you? There is magic on those pages and they just pretty much turn themselves? Before you know it the book is finished, but that is OK because it is part of a series. Better still? You are late to the party and there are not one, two or three but SEVEN books in this series. You just devour them like you are starved for words. This was me. This is a very accurate description of me when someone recommended that I read the #Hashtag series by Cambria Herbert.


You would think it doesn’t get any better than that, but it does.  Someone, somewhere is looking out for us because last week another book in the series came out bringing the tally to 8! It is however the final book in that particular series. Fear not though we have the Gearshark series which is a spin off and every bit as addictive.

The good news of course is that if you haven’t read them yet you get to binge read them like I did and oh how I envy your virgin eyes!  You have 8 books in the #Hashtag series and 3 so far in the Gearshark series.


Now, what I would like to know is, How in the name of God has Cambria Herbert not made a Best Sellers list? It is a crime against books.

Where to start?  That would be with #Nerd. Just click the picture below and off you go. No need to thank me ;p



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