Review: Chase by Sassie Lewis


Five stars easily for this book, “Chase” by Sassie Lewis. The author is very well written and her words travel smoothly creating scenes for the reader. Her words flow perfectly moving the plot along and establishing the main and minor characters in the story. We instantly can feel the spark between Nessa and Chase. If you like a biker who is alpha and knows what he wants, then Chase is the man for you. Chase easily became my book boyfriend. Sassie Lewis does a fantastic job bring the MC world alive in this book.


The only thing I did not like in the book and I am not docking points for it, I do not like the age factor in the beginning. No, I would not dock points for that, because then I am asking a writer to change their story to fit my opinion of likes and dislike.


Here are some questions I am usually asked as a blogger with my answers.


Have I read any previous work from this author? NO

Is the book worth the cost request by this author? Yes

What is the highest amount I would pay for this book? $2.99-$3.99

Sex scenes? Yes

Other mature content? Yes

Is there another book to read before Chase? No

Would you read another book from this author? Yes

If this book is part of a series would you read the next book? Yes


Reviewed by ~M~



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