The Bright Side of Social Media

I have my book people on Facebook and I have my mammy people!


Social media gets so much bad press on a daily basis and yet it is a thriving industry. Is it really all that bad or could it simply be its prolific use that makes negative press somewhat inevitable?

I confess that I am not very techno savvy and my use of social media is limited mostly to Facebook, despite having  Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Have no intention of going near Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn as I don’t feel drawn to them. Having used Facebook since 2005, I have developed a bit of an addiction to it and have been tempted to leave it at times. I do review my privacy settings regularly and I try to post astutely. I believe this helps me to continue having a very positive experience with it.

Being a member of some motherhood type private groups as well as special needs private groups is invaluable…

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