So I read this book a while ago and I thought I might post a review. It is the second book in the All Saints High series (which itself is a spin off from the the Sinners of Saints series).

I enjoyed the book a lot judging by the fact that I read it in one sitting. Knight Cole was a typical high school hot jock and his childhood best friend/love is Luna Rexroth. The dynamic between these two was so cool I loved them. A lot of the other characters make an appearance in this book too and it was really fun to read about them.

While it might not be my favourite (Pretty Reckless still holds that title) I do reccomend this series to anyone who has read and enjoyed the original Sinners of Saint series. I definitely think you will love it!

I am very excited to read about Vaughn’s story in Angry God which comes out next year in 2020!

— xoxo Silver