Be My Brayshaw by Meagan Brandy


“I said I wanted you to be my Brayshaw, Captain . I never said a damn thing about needing you to become one.”


My favourite part of the whole book. Sums it up completely for me. Victoria might want Captain but she doesn’t need anyone. She never has. She is one of the most resilient, self sufficient female characters I have ever read and I absolutely love her. Most people are all about Cap but I’m all about Victoria. Her bond with Zoey is just phenomenal. You can feel it in your very bones.

Captain tested my patience, it has to be said, I wanted to throttle him more than once. I always knew he would be redeemed but his path to redemption was a tough one on the heart strings. Meagan Brandy is amazing but I’m glad I don’t live in her head, it’s kinda twisted in there.


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