Look who i bumped into today!

me and carmel

I had lunch today with none other than the wonderful Carmel Harrington. The lady kind enough to give me my first interview to go along with my review of Beyond Grace’s Rainbow, which you can find here.

I spoke to Carmel about what is happening with her at the moment. As you may remember she had just signed up with the Trace Literary Agency when i first blogged about her, and at the moment her agent is just starting to send Beyond Grace’s Rainbow out to publishers. I have no doubt that we will be seeing it on the shelves in the near future.

Carmel was also filling me in on her next book, which just sounds amazing. The title is a work in progress, she thinks she has it nailed down but just isn’t certain if maybe there isn’t a more perfect one out there, so I am not going to publish it and will give her a chance to think about it. Though that’s maybe an exclusive she would like to keep for her own blog anyway! The book is about a mother, with an AWOL husband, who has a special gift. Sarah is psychic and has visions about people around her and she needs to use these visions to try to change a particular course of events, without people thinking she has gone nuts. Carmel assures me that the book has lots of twists and turns and the unexpected is always around the corner.

The yet to named book is just awaiting the final edit and then will be sent off to Carmels agent. Naturally after the great success of her debut book Carmel is nervous that she is a ‘one hit wonder’. I have it on good authority that she has nothing to worry about, that this book may be even better that Beyond Grace’s Rainbow!

I cannot wait to see it on sale. Good luck Carmel, and I owe her a giant piece cake so we will have to do it all again!

How the hell did we end up here?

A little under a year ago, I like a lot of the worlds female population (not to mention a few men) got swept up in the Fifty Shades of Grey frenzy. For a long time I heard people talking about it, saw jokes on Facebook and headlines in Newspapers. I had no interest in it, then my friends were reading it and women being women, they were talking about it. Jokes about cable ties, Red walls and lip biting were flying, and as they were they flew right over my head. I didn’t like it, not one bit. See if you know me you will know I like to talk. To be left out of every conversation was not good! I downloaded the Kobo app, bought the book. Then the next one and the one after that. They were so good I read all three in eight days – TWICE. My hubby remarked that there hadn’t been a thing done in the house in 2 weeks.

See I hadn’t read a book in quite a while and those that I had read previously were more your everyday Romance where the worst language used would have been a scorned woman screaming at her husband calling him a cheating bastard and sex was more often than not alluded to rather than being talked about in a blow by bow (pardon the pun) account. The FSoG trilogy opened up a whole new world of reading for me, and more like me. One friend mentioned how she had looked for books like this before and she couldn’t find one (days pre eReader) and now she can’t walk into Tesco without them slapping her in the face. Women are not only open to reading these books but talking about them aswell. And in great detail. While the women of the world are reading the men of the world are thankful. I have seen many posts on authors Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that say – ‘My husband says Thank You’, I have recommended many of these books to friends who have often thanked me (and I didn’t even write them) and told me ‘I owe you a drink’. Careful ladies I could do with a night out and i may collect!

While FSoG opened up this new world of reading to me, which I am rather enjoying, it is most certainly my eReader that facilitates it! I went for a Kobo myself but there are many of them out there. While I happily read on the bus, train, in a cafe, at the bus stop or in the college canteen I do so happy in the knowledge that no one has a clue what I am reading. I am rather shy you see (;)) and I would be mortified if anyone knew what was going on Behind my Coral book cover. Though I am sure I spare a few blushes that may just give me away! I couldn’t imagine reading Bared to You or Backstage Pass with the world knowing I was reading an erotic novel!

It’s not just the Erotic stories I am enjoying, it is the whole New Adult Genre. My top 3 are continuously switching and swapping with each other, depending on the day and the mood and of the following could be in my Number 1 spot:

Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire
Hopeless – Colleen Hoover
Reason to Breathe / Barely Breathing – Rebecca Donovan ( I read these back to back and I honestly couldn’t choose between them)

It would be a pretty special book to knock any of these of the top 3, and I am enjoying my quest to find it!

You tell me Friday!

So I am forever telling people what to read next. For a change I would like someone to tell me. So every week – on a Friday I will ask the readers to tell me what they think I should read. I will pick one every week and read it by the next Friday. If any of the readers want to read the same one that would be cool and we could have a discussion the following week!
Please try to keep within the genre I read, New adult, Young adult, Contemporary romance. Of course there are also the Fifty shades, Bared to you type of book – I suppose I could force myself to read them 😉

Happy reading!

Here I am….

…for better or worse.
Welcome to my Blog -After The Final Chapters.
Lets start with a confession; My Name is Tanya Farrell and i am an addict.  Ok so i’m not addicted to Cigarettes, Alcohol or Drugs. Not the regular kind anyway – my drug of choice? Books.  And lots of them.  I read a book every couple of days.  So I, with some gentle nudging from a great lady and special friend, decided to start my own blog to review these books.  I would also like to throw in a few extras, where possible an interview with the Author and where not I will try to throw in a bit of Trivia.

Lets get one thing clear though, if you are looking for a review of Ulysses or War and Peace then let me save you some time.  You are in the wrong place, you took a wrong turn about ten minutes ago because there is just no way you are going to find that here! If, however, you are like myself and you like a bit of YA, Romance, Sometimes even a little bit of naughty for good measure then this is the place to be.  Those fab books with a bit of angst and tension thrown in, thats me.  I will do my best to honest and fair and give the best review I can.  These will be my opinions though and not everyone will agree.  I love the Romance, i’m a bit of a Sap, truth be told. 

Of course I hadnt read a book in years. After having three children in three years I quite simply didnt have the time.  Then came Fifty Shades of Grey.  My friends told me to get an App on my phone and read it as an eBook.  Well thank heaven for the App, I would have been only mortified if people knew what I was reading.  It was so easy to read them on my phone, I got addicted. One click buying didnt help matters either, or made them even better depending on how you look at it! Myself and Kobo have become best friends since back around May 2012.  I have read a lot of books since then. And here I would like to let you in on some of them.

Exciting update! As of now (July 12th(ish) 2013) there will also be reviews of paranormal books. These reviews will be done by Aimee Duffy. Aimee herself is an author signed with Harper Impulse. I hope you enjoy her reviews.

My hope is that the more popular the blog becomes I will be able to review books from a selection of Genre.