Incandescent, By: River Savage

10454290_1434957670103810_4417139872160989595_nI enjoyed every single word the author wrote in Incandescent. I adored each character and look forward to seeing these characters in the author’s work later.

The cover is artistically done right. The cover attracts my attention and fits the story.

I don’t like sharing the plot, because I feel as a reader you need to discover the story on your own. The author’s back cover is enough to attract the reader’s attention.  Plus I am tired of seeing reviews go over every little detail with the plot and giving it away. Why would I want to read it the book then?

Sorry I made left turn there and went on a little rant about peoples’ reviews giving away plots.

Ok, I am back on track.


How do you know if this book is for you?

Ask yourself this. Do you like hot sex scenes that make your inside tighten with want? 10427358_1436192619980315_8417443114804246197_n

River Savage did an outstanding job in writing hot, sweet sex scene that make you crave Nix, wishing he wasn’t a character from the book.

Do you like bikers and tattoos? River Savage did a very impressive job in keep the motorcycle club real. It did remind me of Sons of Anarchy, but I love that show and if you are drawn to that show you will be drawn to this book very easily.

Teaser 2 New

You almost feel like you are the main character Kadence at certain times and yes, I want Nix.

The structure of the whole book is very easy to follow, the words flow smoothly that you really do become engrossed in the book that you cannot stop reading it.


I started Thursday night a little before 9pm. I thought to myself that I would read five chapters and continue on the next day. However, I could NOT STOP. I was wrapped in Kadence and Nix’s world. I finished the book around 1am Friday morning. I woke up thinking about thinking about the book. Heck, I even went to sleep thinking about how hot Nix was.



Incandescent is a fantastic story line, enjoyable characters and sweet, sassy and hot sexy scenes. I want more and need more books from this author.


Is the book worth the money? YES! YES! YES!


Nix might be your next book boyfriend.


Release Date: August 11, 2014


Review By: Michelle @mcthomas79


Stalking the Author




What? Who, me? Get outta here!

That is exactly how I felt earlier. Here I was driving home from College in bloody awful conditions and I heard my phone buzzing a couple of times. I had pulled into a petrol station and I had a couple of tweets. Congratulating me on my nomination for the Festival of Romance. I had no idea what they were all about. Then it happens. My phone dies. Yup, that’s kind of typical of how my days was going up til then.

I get in and plug in my phone and start up the laptop and I had a couple of Facebook notifications and more tweets. Thankfully one of them had a link. Then I almost pee’d in my pants. Like really. I have been nominated for Romance Blogger of the Year. ME!! Along with four other wonderful bloggers;

Shaz Goodwin and Jera’s Jamboree
JB Johnson and Brook Cottage Books
Kirsty McLenna of For the Love of a Good Book
Carol Wright of Dizzy C’s Book Blog

Good luck to all of you wonderful ladies, though I am sure that like me, ye feel like winners already!

Oh yeah, all those tweets and the nomination sure made my day a whole hell of a lot better 😉

These ladies are killing me!!

There is just no room!!

What’s a girl to do when a new book comes out and it is her new favourite? My top three is quite an extensive list. But there can only be three in a top three can’t there?

That’s the best thing about us women. We are problem solvers. We make things fit. Hell we could get a square peg into a round hole if we needed to.

My top three used to be;
1. Beautiful Disaster (read my review here)
2. Hopeless (read my review here)
3. Reason to Breathe
Not necessarily in this order I must point out. Each time I re read any of the books I am reminded of just how much I love them and it goes back to the top of the list.

Then we had Barely Breathing. How the hell am I mean to squeeze another book in there. I could relegate one to 4th place. That would be the logical thing to do. The normal thing even. I couldn’t do it though. I wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of any of the books. Yes, I know. I have issues (I remember sleeping on the floor and being cold as a child because I put all my teddies in the bed so they wouldn’t get cold).

Perfect. I had the best solution. Barely Breathing is the second book not a ‘new’ book so I would just put them together.

So my new list;
1. Reason to Breathe / Barely Breathing
2. Hopeless
3. Beautiful Disaster
No, not so much. Jamie McGuire went and brought out Walking Disaster. Again I just band them together. So here we go again;

1. Beautiful Disaster / Walking Disaster
2. Reason to Breathe / Barely Breathing
3. Hopeless
So I have 5 Books in my top 3 books. Sure that’s not too bad. Of course then next week Colleen Hoover is bringing out Losing Hope, which I have had the pleasure of reading. It has overtaken my number one spot. So my list now looks like this;

1. Hopeless / Losing Hope (read my review here)
2. Beautiful Disaster / Walking Disaster
3. Reason to Breathe / Barely Breathing.

Losing Hope is at the moment my all time favourite book. So I would imagine my list will be staying like this. At least until tomorrow when Rebecca Donovan’s Out Of Breath comes out!

It’s a mental thing!

read willingly

For some reason that I cannot explain I just find it easier to read on an ereader. I love my Kobo reader. I think when I die, please God many years from now, it should take pride of place in my coffin. While it takes me very little time at all to read a book on the reader it seems to take me an eternity to read when its an actual book. I hadn’t read a book in years when I started to read on an app on my phone. From that day I never looked back. I started a book yesterday and i have only read 55 pages. If I was reading this on my Kobo I have no doubt that it would be finished my now. I am however vowing to have it read by tomorrow evening.

i promise

The next review to come your way is Sarah Harte’s Thick and Thin. I promise not to take too long over it! There are way too many books out there to be taking my time over one!

too many books

Things are about to get very busy!

All the exams have wrapped up and I am as free as a bird for the summer. A bird flying with her three chicks that is! Lets all pray for a lovely summer so we can sit outside and mammy can read while her little chicks are happily playing away.

Trophy husband

There will be a lot happening here at After The Final Chapters in the coming weeks. The very next thing coming your way is an interview with the fabulous Lauren Blakely. Lauren is the author of Caught Up In US and Pretending He’s Mine. Today saw her publish her next novel Trophy Husband which I cannot wait to read. Unfortunately that will just have to wait a few days though. I have a more reviews and interviews coming your way.

I decided that I was going to have an Irish Chick Lit Month, so I will be reviewing Irish books that are being published by Penguin in paperback in the coming weeks. Which books? I hear you ask.


We will be starting with Pleasures of Summer. Do you remember Pleasures of Winter? Last summers sensation which sold over 50,000 copies. I will also be interviewing the author Evie Hunter. Evie Hunter is actually the coming together of two very talented ladies, Caroline McCall and Eileen Gormley. I am looking forward to interviewing these ladies.

Thick and Thin

I will also be reviewing Thick and Thin by Sarah Harte. After her debut novel The Better Half, Sarah was tagged as the latest sensation in women’s fiction. I will be sure to let you know if I agree!

I wished for you

Amy Huberman is next on my list. From the author of Hello Heartbreak comes I Wished For You. Described by Closer Magazine as “Witty, observant and very Bridget Jones like” it is sure to be a great read. I am looking forward to a change of pace as i am so used to (and love) books that are so full of angst and tension.

The herbalist

Also on my list of Irish fiction is The Herbalist by Niamh Boyce. Another new sensation for Irish fiction, Niamh Boyce is a recipient of the Hennessy Award. Set in 1930’s Ireland The Herbalist deals with serious issues, which are still surprisingly prominent in 21st Century Ireland. Scenery may change but the real issues stay the same. It is sure to be a compelling read.

Thanks to the lovely Cliona Lewis at Penguin Ireland, we will be giving away both The Pleasures of Winter and The Pleasures of Summer, so stay tuned for details of that competition. Who knows what other competitions may follow!

You know what i did tonight?

Carmel Harrington set a challenge with one of her latest blog posts. Write a piece of ‘Flash Fiction’, 500-100 words. She asked me to think of giving it a shot. So I thought, sure why the hell not. So I did. I wrote all about The Camels Back. The what? I hear you say, but no you read it right, The Camels Back. So to know what on earth I am on about you will just have to read it all for yourself. Be easy on me it was my first (and possibly last) attempt at fiction. Mind you judging by the night I just had I’m not so sure at all it was fiction. But that my friends is another story entirely.

And here is it:

How lucky we are!

After hearing so much sad news this weekend, and again this morning i was just thinking about how lucky we are. Really we are. Yes we all have our problems – be it financial, work, domestic or otherwise, but for the most part we will get over it. We always find a way to make those ends meet, the work day will eventually be over and whatever it is that’s bothering us at home will usually sort itself out. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and smell the roses, because they are there you know. You may have to do a little searching to find them but if you spend long enough and look hard enough it’s a sure thing that they are there. Take pleasure in the small things, because they are what it is all about! Make time to do whatever it is you are into. For me it’s read a book (or two), for my husband – well he likes to enjoy a game of pitch and putt. So whether you want to read a book, play a sport, water you flowers or tinker with a car, remember to do it. As that great quote goes “I don’t regret the things I have done, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.”