Annie Reviews Unbearable


What it’s all about

How do you survive the loss of a mother you thought didn’t love you…until it was too late?

How do you forgive the person who hurt you the most?

How do you survive the person who won’t let you go?

How can your heart continue to trust the person you thought you knew?

How many secrets are too many?

How can you say no, when your body screams yes?

How can you deny a love that has no boundaries?

Slade and Samantha’s story continues…

Annie’s Review

Unbearable is the second book in a series by Shantel Tessier. Picking back up right where Undesricbable left off, Shantel Tessier left the reader in no doubt as to what had happened, no stone was left unturned and no question unanswered.

Like many others I assumed we were getting Josh and Courtney’s story. I figured Slade and Sam were done! I was wrong – something I don’t easily admit to!.
When you delve into Unbearable be ready. You will find yourself immersed with lust which in turn leads to sex – lots of sex, secrets which can only mean lies. Lets not forget the drama. Oh the drama!

Sam spent her whole life feeling unloved; her mother, the one person who is supposed to love you unconditionally bailed on her. By the time Sam realises that you can’t always take things at face value, that they aren’t always what they seem – its too late. Sam doesn’t know how to forgive herself for not trying harder to see things for what they truly were, but how could she when all she was faced with was LIES! How can she grieve for someone you already let go? Sam struggles with accepting life and pushes away Slade, her handcuff loving sex god of a boyfriend.

Slade has his own past. No matter how much he has changed his whoring ways, the skeletons continuously keep coming out of the closet. How can he build a relationship with Sam when people keep interfering?

Unbearable brings us back into the lives of the characters from Undescribable and introduced us to some more. Not least, Tate, hot and smoldering sexy Tate.. WOW! He is a whole lot of sexy, I am pretty sure Shantel plucked him directly out of my fantasies! If the Gods are good Shantel will give him his own book. What do ya say Shantel?. However as wit life you cannot have the good with out the bad. While it’s lovely to have the same characters in this book, some of the bad just came back badder. They are like a bad case of crabs and they just won’t go away and cause nothing but pain and suffering. I seriously wanted to jump inside the book and put a smack down on a couple of them!

Unbearable was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was an amazing read that never had a dull spot! I would give it a 4.5 Star.