Forbidden Nights – Lauren Blakely

For my first proper review in months it really didn’t make sense to review a book by anyone else than my absolute favourite author in the whole world. Ladies and gentlemen (do men read this? I have no idea but we can’t leave them out, ya know?) I bring to you Forbidden Nights by the absolutely fantastic Lauren Blakely.

Forbidden Nights



<h1><font color=#0029A3>What it’s all about</h1></font>

A smoldering and sensual standalone romance novel in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Seductive Nights Series by Lauren Blakely…

Sinfully sexy hotel CEO Nate Harper knows exactly how to please a woman. He’s equally skilled in keeping his heart safe from the kind of hurt his ex inflicted on him years ago. But one thing he’s not so good at what-so-ever is getting his mind and all his dirty thoughts off the gorgeous, outgoing, and absolutely captivating Casey Sullivan, the new head of the Joy Delivered company.
They’ve been friends for years now, and Casey trusts Nate completely. So it makes perfect sense to her to ask him for hands-on guidance when she finds herself in need of some of his romantic expertise.
The trouble is, his heart may be signing up for more than it bargained for when he agrees to help her learn to abandon her need for control in the bedroom. Because as she experiences what it means to let go, he’ll start to experience what it means to feel again…

But what happens when all those forbidden nights turn into a deeper connection that’s much more than expected?

*FORBIDDEN NIGHTS is a standalone full-length novel in the bestselling SEDUCTIVE NIGHTS series following the love affair of Nate and Casey. You can read it on its own, but you would likely enjoy the other books too.*

<h1><font color=#0029A3>What I Thought</h1></font>

Ok, can I just start by saying – You see the bit above that you can read it on its own? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. This is the most awesome series and full of the hottest alpha males you are going to come across anywhere. You can keep your Chritsian Grey’s – give me a Blakely boy any day of the week.

We had already met both Nate and Casey in previous books and already met them both. We got a hint at the end of Jack and Michelle’s book that there may be some mutual attraction brewing between these two. Well we weren’t wrong that’s for sure!!

I have read all Lauren’s books and read them in order. A good few books ago, somewhere around a private plane and a set of pearls I thought that she had hit her peak. She couldn’t get any better than that, could she? Of course she can. NEVER EVER doubt what this woman can do with words.

The very first line in this book hooked me. The second made me laugh, somewhere along the lines I also blushed. I laughed, got hot, and also felt like bitch slapping a character or two.

It makes me wonder if men and women really can be just friends, neither knew that the other was fueling their sexual fantasies (and ours 😉  ).  Sure what else would they do only try to get each other out of their system. What happens though when it runs it course?

Now of course there is more to this that a sex God and his Goddess. There were also a lot of personal issues from both camps. They both have baggage and Casey even with all of her confidence and her sassy mouth has areas of her self esteem that she needs a little help with. We do a bit of globe trotting, more private jets and luxury resorts. OH YES and there is a Waterfall!


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