This summer is going to sizzle!

I am of course not talking in the literal sense, more the ‘literary’ sense. Being in the ‘Sunny South East’ here in Ireland doesn’t mean a thing, today is May 9th, the 9th day of Summer – I am sure in school we had flash cards with a huge yellow sun in the sky, little kids sitting on the beach in shorts and t-shirts, with ice cream dripping of their cones. While in reality here I am sitting on my couch wrapped up in a blanket, debating lighting the fire, with the rain hammering off the windows and wind howling down my chimney. So as you can imagine any sizzling that’s going to be done here, will be because I am living vicariously (and happy to do so) through the characters in the many books I am going to read.

That is right folks, the temporary lull due to the dreaded exams is soon to be over. It was so hard not to pick up a book in the last few weeks, while I was struggling to come to terms with having to study for those inevitable end of year exams. Who thought going back to college when you have three small kids (and a mountain of books to read) was a good idea? The good news is that the last exam has come and gone, and with only one more presentation left to do I am almost free for the summer. I have even started reading, thank you Lord! I started Colleen Hoover’s This Girl, which is the much-anticipated third book in the Slammed series, and if you haven’t read the first two they really are a must – they are butterflyingly awesome. This third book is told from Will’s point of view, it’s always nice to know what is going on in a mans head!

The last few books I did manage to sneak in I enjoyed immensely and I do plan to review and do an interview with the authors very soon. I will compile questions over this coming weekend. They were Amanda Heath’s Norma Jean and Lauren Blakely’s Caught up in Us Series – Caught up in Us and Caught Up in Him, and I absolutely cannot wait on the next installment from Lauren when she releases Trophy Husband later this month, I intend to be one of the first to make that purchase.

That is only one of the many books that are going to make my summer sizzle, I am also waiting on Sylvia Day’ third book in the Bared to you series (me and every other woman) Entwined with you, due out next month, Colleen Hoover’s Losing Hope, the sequel to the amazing Hopeless. Ella Frank is teasing us with the wait for Edible, the third book in the sexy Exquisite series. I am chomping a the bit for Abbi Glines next books, the second in the Twisted Perfection series and Forever Too Far, the third in the Too Far series. I am sure I am leaving some out here! I am definitely hoping Abel, the fourth book in Elizabeth Reyes’ 5th Street series will be keeping me company over the summer, though I am not sure when it is due out. I would also love to read the new book from Carmel Harrington who had fantastic success with her Debut Novel Beyond Grace’s Rainbow, I hear the second book is tipped to be even better. I know – I didn’t think it was possible either!

Lets just hope for some literal sizzling days too so the kids can go out to play and leave mammy to her reading 😉


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