It’s a mental thing!

read willingly

For some reason that I cannot explain I just find it easier to read on an ereader. I love my Kobo reader. I think when I die, please God many years from now, it should take pride of place in my coffin. While it takes me very little time at all to read a book on the reader it seems to take me an eternity to read when its an actual book. I hadn’t read a book in years when I started to read on an app on my phone. From that day I never looked back. I started a book yesterday and i have only read 55 pages. If I was reading this on my Kobo I have no doubt that it would be finished my now. I am however vowing to have it read by tomorrow evening.

i promise

The next review to come your way is Sarah Harte’s Thick and Thin. I promise not to take too long over it! There are way too many books out there to be taking my time over one!

too many books


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