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So here we are on day 2 of the bloggers feature. I have come to love following Victoria, of Victoria Loves Books on Twitter. To be honest I think she, along with Laura Lovelock are despairing of me and my lack of knowledge of HOT MEN!! Following them and their blogs has been an education!

Who is Victoria?

What a question! I’m a wife, a mum and I love books. I like to think I’m kind, honest and caring and hope i make my husband and children proud.

What made you start blogging about the books you were reading?

I’ve always read, it’s a huge part of my life. When I joined twitter I spoke books none stop! Kevin, of IHeartBooks told me I should start blogging, which set the wheels turning in my brain. I eventually set up my blog and I love it.

Do you find that on the whole authors are supportive of bloggers?

Oh from experience I can say absolutely. I’ve not come across an author who isn’t willing to help you out, wether it be interviews or writing pieces for your blog.

What is your favourite blog post and why?

Oooh that’s hard because I love them all, but I love my interview with Paige Toon.

What other blogs do you love to follow?

I follow SO many now,

Sharon Sant
Laura Reviews
Megan In The Sunshine

To name a few!

Mine is noticably absent 😮 lol

Do you feel that you have come a long way since you began reviewing?

I think so, I’m certainly getting more views and more requests to review books. I just like to be told, “I bought the book you reviewed.”
That feedback is so exciting, that because of my review someone has picked a book up.

I get a little thrill when the postman arrives with a book that I wasn’t expecting, is it the same for you?

Oh without doubt! My postman laughs at my excitement every time he knocks, and when he isn’t on duty and a I have a new one they say “ahh your the girl who squeals at the postman” haha

What is your favourite part of being a reviewer?

Sharing my love of books, or even finding that book that you have no expectations of that blows your mind. That you have to shout about it, to anyone that will listen!

But also more than that the little blogging family that I’ve become apart of. On the whole it’s brilliant, to have support of other Reviewers and also To be able to support them too, it makes reviewing even more fun.
Especially a few girls that have become brilliant friends and make me laugh more than anyone I’ve ever met.

Is there anything that annoys you about it?

Recently I’ve seen other bloggers begging anyone and everyone for free books or signed books. I think it’s disrespectful and rude. I don’t do my reviews for free books, I do it for my love of reading. I also buy a lot of my books i review myself. A few people seem to be doing it just for freebies. Which is just a shame.

Ok, so of all the books you have read what is your favourite? If you are like me you can pick a couple from different genres?

GOD that’s like asking my favourite child! Your Mean.
I have a few so here goes;

Harry Potter – JK Rowling
The Lady Of Hay – Barbara Erskine
The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffengger
One Day – David Nicholls
The Undomestic Goddess – Sophie Kinsella
I’ve Got You’re Number – Sophie Kinsella
The Girl You Left Behind – JoJo Moyes
The Cross Fire Series – Sylvia Day
Pictures Of Lily – Paige Toon
Tell No One – Harlan Coben
Six Years – Harlan Coben
The Bone Garden – Tess Gerritsen
The entire Rizzoli and Isles Series – Tess Gerritsen
One by One – Chris Carter
The Land Of The Living – Nicci French
Yours Truly – Kirsty Greenwood
I literally just read an advanced copy of The Memory Game – Sharon Sant

Oh that was a lot! I kind if got on a roll.

eBook versus paperback?

I only got and Ereader at Christmas and hardly used it, i hated the idea of them taking over paperbacks. But I have discovered a whole world of self published authors and adore my kindle now. Although as soon as an ebook is available on Paperback I instantly buy it.

Rough and hairy or clean cut and smooth?

Rough and ready! Oh sorry rough and hairy for sure. My husband is hairy and a bit rough looking, although really his a big softie.

What is your preferred genre?

I always loved crime and horror, but after discovering Chicklit last year and Sci-fi, YA and NA this year I’m open to anything at all.

What is did you last read, are you currently reading and plan to read next?

As I said above I just finished The Memory Game by Sharon Sant that I was lucky to read in advance. She is a lady to watch out for it was incredible.
I’m about to start S.E.C.E.R.T by L. Marie Adeline for my online book club.

What book last made you cry?

Again it was The Memory Game by Sharon Sant, it was ugly, snotty, howling tears too!

What book last had you fanning yourself?

Oh wow I’ve read some very good ones recently but that would be Down To You by M. Leighton

Who is your ultimate book boyfriend?

So tough I have about 30! It was recently Ben from Pictures Of Lily but it’s easily changed to Cash from Down To You. Although don’t tell Laura she will be after me 😉

Show us your favourite book boy picture?

He looks nothing like Cash in my head but that’s ok because he could be my anything 😉 it’s no surprise who it is either I’m sure, but I ACTUALLY LOVE HIM! In my head we are married and he reads to me every night, he bakes me cookies and washes my hair…..WOAH! I’m getting carried away now!


image (1)

I have to tell you, this picture caused a storm lol. She told me it was a random guy when I asked her who it was. I was like, No he’s famous i’m sure of it. I went so far as to post this on twitter and ask for help. Mortified much…I did tell you they are despairing of me 😉


  1. Love that interview! Victoria you share a lot of the same book likes as me! I’m a huge Harlan Coben fan. I went through a stage of buying all of his new releases in hardback as soon as they were published! Tell no one my fave of his too!

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