Emma Louise from EmmaisWriting

Welcome back to my September feature where I am interviewing other reviewers, asking them the questions that they never expecting to be answering. Today is the turn of Emma Louise from EmmalsWriting. Don’t forget to follow Emma on Twitter

Hi Emma, tell us a bit about yourself

Well I’m Emma. I’m currently twenty two years old. I was born on the most awkward day of the year, Boxing Day. I have just finished my Masters degree in Creative Writing and would love to work in publishing one day. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter – I even have a pillow case of Daniel Radcliffe’s face. I love owls, cups of tea and jaffa cakes.

At what age did you become an avid reader?

I’ve always loved to read but since April when I started my blog – http://www.emmaiswriting.wordpress.com – I think I’ve read a lot more than usual because publishers and authors reach out to me for reviews and interviews.

Sometimes (most times) I would prefer to read a book than talk to people, do you ever feel that way?

Sorry, I don’t wish to talk right now, I’m reading…

The question everyone hates – What is your favourite book?

I really do hate this question but after being asked so many times, I’ve reached an answer. I have two. The first is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – the reason why it is my favourite HP book is simple: No Voldemort and lots of delicious Sirius Black. I have a thing for Gary Oldman as well. My second favourite novel is The Choice by Nicholas Sparks – I adore this man, like full on adore him. I am a huge fan of romance novels and I am honoured to say I have his entire collection in my wardrobe. This love story is so simple and harmless, yet it makes you think about the beginning and the end. I need to re-read it again to review. But it’s so breathtakingly beautiful.

What new release are you most excited for?

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks, which is due for release here in the UK on September 17th so I am definitely going to purchase it and move it straight to the top of my TBR list.

Who is your ultimate book boy?

Harry Potter. I literally do not care what people say about how he isn’t sexy enough to be a book boyfriend but come on, he whips his wand out! Bad pun, I know. I love Harry for the simple reason that friendship is everything to him. He has no family; his friends are the only ones he has. He deserves the happy ending.

Which character would you most like to bitch slap?

Professor Umbridge – oh my days! That woman’s laugh gets right on my nerves. Even in the books, I can just hear her pathetic little laugh. No actually, I’d like to punch her.

I’d like to bitch slap Bellatrix Lestrange because she killed Sirius. I can’t bear to watch that scene anymore because my anger just builds up. You can see in her face after it happens that she felt bad for a split second. Yes, I’d love to bitch slap her. I love Molly Weasley for getting rid of the evil bitch.

What character would you like to – Snog, One night Stand, Marry, Love, Best Friend?

Snog – Kellan Kyle from S.C Stephen’s Thoughtless Series
One Night Stand – Johnny Jefferson from Paige Toon’s Johnny Be Good and Baby Be Mine
Marry – Harry Potter
Love – Dumbledore because I love gay men
Best Friend – Allie from Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook

What character do you love to hate?

Love to hate, ohhhh, that’s a tough one! It’d have to be Kellan Kyle. I hated him for breaking Kiera and Denny up (spoiler alert!) but then I grew to love him.

What is the best thing about being a reviewer?

A lot of publishers and authors include little notes inside the books which I absolutely adore. It makes me feel loved and that they’re truly grateful.

Is there anything about it that annoys you?

I feel bad when I have to add a book to the bottom, but it’s the only way. I have to juggle my home life, my job, reading, writing my new novel and blogging. It all gets a bit too much sometimes. I know quite a few reviewers have stopped receiving review copies because they have so many. It can be overwhelming sometimes.

What book would you love to see made into a movie?

The Thoughtless Series by S. C Stephens… I did hear a rumour so I’m hoping it’s true.

Who would play the main characters?

I’ll leave that up to the author! It’s too tough of a question to answer.

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