50 Shades of Grey Book & Movie – by Michelle

Watched FSOG last night. WOW… this movie was BORING! I can’t stand how dated some stuff was with Anna. She didn’t live in a cave. The movie felt more like a b or C rated movie. I must have totally made a new book in my head when I read this book.

One important thing that dawn on me when watching the movie, was Anna’s mother. What a BITCH! Your only daughter is graduating from College and you won’t go. It wasn’t she couldn’t, but the mother chose her new 4th husband over her one and only daughter.

WTF! And you wonder why Anna is with a douche bag who gets off by beating her. Because Anna needs to feel excepted by someone. She really didn’t have a father, but a step-dad that would feel in from time to time.

When I first read FSOG, I first did not like the book. It was hard adjusting to the content of the writing style from the author. As I proceeded on because everyone was raving how wonderful the book was. 3/4 of the book I started to get hooked. I never read a BDSM book. This was all new to me. I was dazzled my the money and sex.

Plus the ending wrapped around me and consumed me to read book two to find out how Anna & Christian would get back together. And I kind of think book 2 is the best of EL James.

Book 3 I rushed through… Come on is this almost over? I would ask myself over and over. Stop dragging this on. Was it necessary for book 3. No. I thought EL James could have wrapped everything in book 2.

Ok, enough of this rant. I have found way better BDSM books after this lovely little classic.


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