March by Audrey Carlan – Review

10974339_1590917344455829_6573730075170607985_oThe author has talent. Every month Audrey Carlan is able to keep me fascinated with Mia. Not only am I an addicted with this series, but I envy Mia just a little. Mia’s aunt has special business that I would sign up and work for. I know, how scandalous.

Can I complain about this book? No. Why? Because this author is very creative with this series and has captivated me as a reader. The words always flow, the scenes move perfectly, the characters are easy to visualize and become part of you.

By now I hope you have read book 1 & 2. Do you need to read those books. YES! You are missing some hot scenes and plus the author will not disappoint.

I look forward to April!



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