Desperately Undo by Christine Winston

20493_388225411385880_4618814955343121086_nTHREE STARS


I finally finished reading Desperately Undone. There were errors as what people say here in the states. Spoke with the Author and she now has a second edition to this story.  Over all I give this book 3 stars. The story moves very slowly. It’s hard for me to feel a connection with Bree and Michael. I think the connection was lost by adding in  Jo and Davis as first person in the story; pulling the reader away from Bree and Michael and creating too much drama.

Main characters did get tiring and repetitive by first person repeating what occurred. Overall the story had a great idea for a plot. Wording was good. Thus the ranking of 3 stars.

Chapter One is fantastic. I felt like I was in the room and could very easily feel what Bree was going through. Once Michael was introduced and it was clear what direction the story was going, I felt that there were scenes that did not need to be there as if the author was not sure how to show and have Bree and Michael really bond. Jo and Davis takes up a lot of the scenes and is not necessary in my opinion in the story as first person.

BUT! The idea of the plot was very well thought out.


Agony by Yolanda Olson



I have no idea where to start expressing my wow astonishment towards this book. The story is amazing. Just when you think you know where the story is going you are wrong. I had one sneaking suspension about something that was occurring and I was right but wrong at the same time.

Do I see a part in the future for this book? Yes! Should there be a part two for this book? Yes! Will the writer make a part two? I have no idea.

Now when I am in love with a story I don’t write much about why I love the book to entice you to read it. Why? Because you just need to pick up the book and read it. Let the author take you down that road, not me.

Just remember this is DARK & TWISTED!



Rebound by Yolanda Olson



You are probably wondering why I give this short story 5 stars. First the plot is well thought out. Second the writer hooks me in the beginning. Now I am laughing at myself for using the word hook. Inside joke once you read the story. Third you can actually feel for Luna and her background. Fourth well worded. Fifth, the ending is perfect.

This is a short story and worth the ninety nine cents you will spend to read it.

The story will plagued your mind like the rest of Yolanda Olson’s stories.