Dare Me by Rebecca Shea



Well doesn’t that picture just say it all?  Though you know me. I like to talk.

What can I say?

It has been a long time. A long time since I read a book and was really really excited about writing the review of the book. I read so many books but I don’t tolerate the ones I am not enjoying any more. If I cant get into it I just leave it. There are too many great books out there to waste my time. I had actually just given up on one such book and I was flicking through my kindle looking for something else to read, trying to see what might hold my attention when I swiped past this and then for some reason I swiped back and opened it.  I had gotten an email a few days before asking did I want an arc of this book to review. I almost said no. I had never read anything by Rebecca Shea before but then I said “sure feck it”

4 pages. That is all it took. I fell in love the Rebecca Shea. It is also around the time that I started Facebook and Twitter stalking her. 4 pages and the bottom on my stomach fell out and my heart jumped up into my throat. I even knew it was coming but it was like that car crash that you can’t look away from and yet still get a shock when it happens.

Anyone who is used to me knows I don’t get into explaining the story line, you need to read the book if you want to know what happens and believe me  – you want to know what happens.

This was one of the most intriguing books that I have read in a long time. Every now and again there would be a crumb. Just enough to get your mind working overtime – like a little hamster running on a wheel to work out just what the hell is going on.

What really sealed the deal with this book for me was the voice. Her voice. It was like reading a book that was written just especially for me. Everything about it, the humour, the use of words and the tone. It was perfect. If I was any good at writing this is the book I would want to write. She even used one of my favourite sayings – Is the pope a catholic. I’ve never heard that come out of the mouth of someone outside of Ireland. Then she mentioned Augusta National. What the hell is not to love about this book.


My favourite book of the year so far. At the weekend (payday lol) I will start on the back catalogue, I can only hope they are as good as this one.







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