Lovesick and Hot Mess by TL Smith and Emily Goodwin is LIVE NOW

Lovesick by T.L. Smith

Hot Mess by Emily Goodwin



Title: Lovesick

Author: T.L. Smith

Genre: Contemporary Romance

I couldn’t do broken. 


Broken is what he was. 

Broken is what I will always be.


To his eyes, that held so much despair, I couldn’t look for long. 


To his fist, that clenched so tightly, like he was locking away the sorrow. 

To his lips, that never uttered a word, from the years of heartbreak. 

And despite it all, I couldn’t stay away from him. 

It was like he was drowning in an ocean, and I wanted to grab his face, and whisper to his lips, “Don’t forget to breathe.”


This was how I fell for a man. A man who was so lovesick, I was afraid he would drown me in that same ocean he was lost in.



“Lovesick isn’t your typical romance. Nor is it for the light of heart. Prepare yourself for all the feels, and learn to live again through these broken, yet incredibly strong characters.” ~Molly McLain, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Slow burn. Those two words explain my emotions while reading this raw love story. T.L. Smith left me lovesick. A refreshing read full of dark feelings that will leave your world spinning. Perfection amongst shattered hearts.” ~HJ Bellus, USA Today Best Selling Author

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Lani Lynn Vale – Double Cover Reveal

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Title: Lights to My Siren

Series:  The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC #1

Genre: MC Romance

Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Published:  September 29, 2014





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You’re The Lights…

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Sebastian had one rule.

No women on the back of his bike. Period.

The one time he broke that rule, he killed the woman that was carrying his child.

Then comes Baylee Roberts. She makes Sebastian want to break every single rule he’d ever implemented. Hell, but she even makes him consider that dreaded H word. A helmet.

To My…

Baylee Roberts innocently walked into her bathroom never expecting that she’d find a man in there. It is her bathroom after all, and she lives alone.

From the instant he placed his hat on her head to protect her from the sun, Baylee’s mind becomes filled with thoughts of a certain biker.

She really shouldn’t go there. There’s no telling what kind of dangerous things he does for The Dixie Wardens MC.


Nothing is ever as easy as it should be. Their relationship’s one of them.

Baylee’s brother is a cop. Baylee’s father is a cop. Which inevitably means that Baylee’s going to have certain hang-ups about being with a man like himself.

Sebastian has a lot on his plate with his busy job as a firefighter, a single father, and the vice president of The Dixie Wardens MC.

Not enough, though, to keep him away from Baylee.

When a series of arsons rattle their hometown and puts Sebastian’s life on the line, Baylee finally realizes the only fire Sebastian can’t put out is the one inside her heart.









Title: Halligan to My Axe

Series: The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC #2

Genre: MC Romance

Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Release Date: October 29, 2014



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You’re the Halligan…

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Kettle had it all. Until he didn’t.

He lost it all in a moment. One heart stopping, soul shattering moment, and there wasn’t a single thing he could do about it.

From that day forward, he stayed away from relationships.

Then he responded to a possible fire and there she was, rocking his world when he didn’t want it to be rocked.

To My…

Adeline was just a schoolteacher. She lived a boring life.

Until she stole something.

And it didn’t have anything to do with the sexy firefighter’s heart.

Oh, she stole that, too, even if he didn’t want it to be stolen.


Kettle didn’t realize just what kind of trouble Adeline was in until it nearly ripped her from his life.

There was no way anything was taking that away from him. 

Not again.

One man was about to see up close and personal what fury looked like on the face of The Dixie Wardens MC’s enforcer.










I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.


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Terrible Twos by Meg Pritchard. Go get it!

Title: Terrible Two’s
Author: Megs Pritchard
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: January 30, 2017
After leaving University, Zach struggled to find employment. When he eventually found work in a call centre, he was ecstatic.

But from day one he had a problem.

After an accidental run-in with the manager, John, Zach was under no illusions that his days were numbered.

While dealing with is work issues, Zach is left devastated when his sister dies. 

Now, struggling at work with a boss who may or may not like him, Zach is now raising his two young nephews alone.

One night a chance encounter with John changes everything. But is John willing to stand by Zach or will he walk away?

Megs Pritchard lives in England and is a mother to two small boys. When she isn’t working or being mummy, she is busy writing about complex characters that know the harsh realities of life but want a HEA.

A lover of M/M and M/F romances she believes everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and loved.
Growing up in a military family, Megs has traveled Europe and has a great deal of respect and gratitude for all the men and women who have and who still serve. Her dream job was to be a Bomb Disposal Expert and even had her own ‘kit’ when she was younger.
She is currently working on her first full length series called Second Chances.