Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket

The fourth book released, though third in reading order from the Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning.

We met Jace Seymore way back in the first book – Backstage Pass. We knew he was quiet and wasn’t with sinners for fame, he wasn’t very comfortable in the limelight. We knew he was a latecomer to Sinners as a replacement to John Mallory and he knew Eric had a chip on his shoulder cos Jace or ‘littleman’ as he calls him replaced his best friend in the band. We also knew that he never really felt that he was ‘one of them’. Well girls did your mammy never tell you its the quiet ones you have to watch out for?

Who knew Jace had quite the story to tell?

We pick up Hot Ticket in Las Vegas, the night of Brian’s bachelor party. Walking through the strip club he makes a beeline to a particular dancer. ‘Mistress V’, up there on her podium cracking a whip, dressed in black leather – she is just what he needs.

Mistress V, aka Aggie has an Asshole radar. Every guy she sees can be put on one of two lists. But this guy walking towards her now, with the Platinum hair and the dark stubble, he has her stumped. This never happens and she needs to make a third list just for him!

When she cracks her whip a hairbreadth from his face and he doesn’t even flinch Aggie knows she could have some fun trying to break this one. Little does she know that this guy, unlike her regulars, isn’t looking to be broken. All he is after is the pain. As much as she can dish out he can handle. He wants it, and much more than that – he needs it.

When Jace notices commotion involving his band members ( which we now know is when Sed spots Jessica dancing in the club) he has to leave Mistress V and come to the aid of this friends. WIth the fight that ensues, he must leave and go back to his bus but he just can’t get the sexy Dominatrix out of his mind.

Following words with Eric Jace storms off, and he knows exactly where he needs to go. He waits out the side door of the strip joint for Mistress V, he needs to be alone with her so she can give him the release he has needed for a while. However, as she explains to him it’s just not as easy at that and gives him her card and tells him where to be the next night. She also tells him if he is late she wont open the door, so he makes sure he is early – even though he has a gig that night.

Mistress V tries her best to break him, but he isn’t even flinching. He gets the better of her and she breaks her own cardinal rule and draws blood. Shocked to the core she has to stop. When tending to his wounds she sees a world of pain in his eyes and makes a vow to help him, but not as Mistress V. She brings him to her own private quarters and drops the Dominatrix act.

Will he open up to her, let her into his world of hurt? Will he tell her why he deserves to be in pain? Will she understand? What will happen when it is time to leave Las Vegas? If he decides he wants to make something of this how is he going to feel about her doing this with other men?

Seriously, I thought this would be the tamest book of the bunch. OK so I knew he had all this kinky stuff going on but I thought that Jace’s story would be all about the sex. Never would I have that there was so much going on in the quiet boys head. I love the dynamic of Jace and Aggie, especially since they are both used to being the dominant partner, eventually something will give and someone has got to cave.

I don’t want to give away too much about the story but my oh my, he has some serious issues, and some seriously kinky ways of dealing with it. He also has to come to terms with John Mallory being back on the scene while he is out of action after being shot. Why was he shot? Well that’s something you will have to find out all by yourself, sure if I tell you then you wont need to read the book.

Will Jace stay forever tortured by his demons or will he eventually let Aggie bring him to his knees?

Olivia Cunning has brought Jace to life in a way that I would never have thought possible. The lady is gifted!

I went from thinking this would be the tamest book to it being up there as possibly one of my favourites! I can’t wait til the next one!

If you would like a visual of all the boys check them out here

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Sinners on tour!

Join Rock Group ‘Sinners’ on tour! Meet the 5 Rockers – Brian ‘Master’ Sinclair, Sedric Lionheart, Jace Seymour, Eric Sticks and Trey Mills.

Each book in the series follows one of the band members starting with Brian ‘Master’ Sinclair in Backstage Pass.
Backstage Pass

Dr. Myrna Evans is a ‘Sex Doctor’ presenting at a conference full of stuffed shirts that are boring the life out of her. On her way back to her room she spots a table of boisterous men in the bar, men who couldn’t look any more out of place. Men who look right up her street! She decides to approach them when realisation hits her, no way – it couldn’t be, could it? Myrna finds herself smack bang in the middle the rock band she idolizes, a group that she knows everything about. Fending off advances from all the members, there is only one she has her sights on – Brian ‘Master’ Sinclair.
It seems the two just can’t get enough of each other and as Myrna joins the band on tour for a month to do a study on what it is about Rock Stars that makes girls so promiscuous, we follow Myrna’s relationship with both sides of Brian Sinclair. Brian Sinclair and Master Sinclair, the man behind the make up and the performer on stage.
With more than one skeleton lurking in the cupboards in this relationship, can the pair make it?

Rock Hard

Rock hard

Sedric Lionheart is the Lead Singer of ‘Sinners’. The guy with the big onstage persona and an even bigger ego. Never mind a different girl every night – there are often several of them, and at the same time. A real use them, abuse them and chuck them aside when you are finished with them kind of guy. In Backstage Pass we got to know that guy and we all had our own opinions on him. Man whore, really. However, we were seeing Sed from others eyes, in Rock Hard we are seeing the world from Sed’s own point of view, and of course it’s just not as simple as that. The man had his heart-broken and has vowed that is never going to happen again. What he didn’t count on however is spying Jessica, the very girl who broke his heart working in a Vegas Strip Club. He loses the plot and a fight erupts. The subsequent events result in Jessica ending up on the Tour bus for the rest of the summer. Can Sed snap out of his perpetual asshole persona and make amends?, Does Jessica even care anymore? Who really was the wronged party? When tempers frey you can the passion flare, and there is only one place it is going to eruept…The bedroom. While they seem more than compatible between the sheets will they ever be able to settle their differences out of them?

Double Time
Double time

Trey Mills is the Bi-Sexual Rhythm Guitarist. He is harbouring a secret love for Brian, a love that not only isn’t reciprocated but Brian isn’t even aware of. His best friend, his confident, the man he loves – Brian is slowly slipping away from him as he settles into his new life and the roles that come with it. Trey is finding it hard to adjust. When Trey’s brother Dare, Lead guitarist with huge rock band ‘Exodus End’ asks him to sit in on auditions for a new Rhythm Guitarist he goes along, best friend Brian is caught up in his ‘new life’ and he has nothing better to do. When he listens to one of the blind auditions he is pole axed. He thinks they are playing games with him – he is listening to Brian play, Is Brian leaving Sinners? In a panic he bursts into the studio to find a girl playing, Reagan. Has he found Brian in the female form?

Reagan joins Sinners for the last leg of the present tour to get a taste of life on tour before beginning her first tour with Exodus End. A world apart from where she was a week ago, working in a coffee-house for a sleazy boss, she learns life on the road. Beginning a relationship with Trey, she really is living the dream. Can Trey be happy in a monogamous relationship? Can he really ignore the part of him that craves intimacy with a man? Reagan had been betrayed before when she found her ex, Ethan, with a man – so Trey believes there is no way he can be 100% honest with her.

Things take a sinister turn when Reagan starts getting threatening letters and has no idea who they are from. Luckily her best friend, who also happens to be the ex-boyfriend has been signed on as her body-guard. While he vows to get to the bottom of it he struggles with his attraction to Trey. Add this to the fact that it is a mutual attraction and that Ethan is STILL in love with Reagan and Trey is STILL in love with Brian, you can only wonder how the hell they are going to sort this one out!

Sweet Holy Divine!!
I have read the Fifty Shades Trilogy (who hasn’t, right?), Sylvia Day’s Bared to you and Reflected in you but nothing in this world would have prepared me for, or came close to Sinners on tour!

Close your mouth Tanya you are catching flies! Flies? My mouth was gaping so bloody wide I swear a bus could have driven in there! It’s not that I was shocked, no scratch that I WAS SHOCKED. I had never read anything like this, and I couldn’t get enough. Maybe I just live a sheltered life? Well I don’t mind telling you – I am happy to live vicariously through Olivia Cunning and her penmanship!

The books aren’t just sex though. Yes there is a lot of sex BUT there are amazing stories in there too. An insight into the lives and loves of famous rock stars, the people you think have it all. At the end of the day they are people too. While each book is centred on a particular band member it also tracks the other members so you get to keep up with what is going on or continue their journey after we have read their story. There are many layers to each of the characters in Olivia Cunning’s books, not just the band members themselves but to the girls they love (or boys!), the Roadies and the other important people in their lives.

The books are jam-packed with sex, not just your average sex either, but the type that is going to make you blush and look around to see who is watching you and wondering if they can read what is going on in your mind (God i hope not!), but also love, hurt, angst, fear, friendship and loyalty.

Yes this book is probably best described as erotic – but there is a hell of a story inside! If you are prudish, easily offended or just don’t like reading about kinky (and not just a little bit) sex, then it isn’t the book for you. You need an open mind, and if it’s a little bit in the gutter – well that will help too!

If any one would like a visual or to know a bit more about each of the characters visit

Less than 2 weeks until Hot Ticket is released, Bring it on! Only, a day later when the last page has been turned the wait will be on again!

Olivia Cunning was good enough to let me interview her – like she isn’t busy enough! I hope you enjoy her answers and a glimpse into what is to come!

olivia cunning

Who is Olivia Cunning?

The much cooler version of a shy, midwestern Army brat who is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and wanted to be a lead guitarist when she grew up. Writing books about lead guitarists and their bandmates is close enough to living that dream, especially since my fingers are too stubby to play the guitar well.

Sinners on Tour is based on a Rock band, is this the type of music you are interested in?

I listen almost exclusively to rock, mostly heavy metal. I don’t think your work can be really authentic if you don’t love what you write about.

What research did you have to carry out about life on the road, roadies and groupies?

Unfortunately it’s all been books, videos and rockumentary research. And I have a VERY vivid imagination.

Do you find since Fifty Shades of Grey women are more open to reading this type of book and do you think the demand has increased?

I had a decent following of dedicated fans before FSoG became popular, but since it became such a huge sensation, I would say yes, more women are open to reading erotic romance. From what I’ve been told, my books are more explicit than the FSoG series. I haven’t read them, so that statement is conjecture.

What genre would you label the books as?

Humorous rock star erotic romance, heavy on the erotic.

Do any of the characters names hold any special meaning to you?

I worked with a woman named Myrna who was pretty much the polar opposite of the Myrna in Backstage Pass, so the character isn’t based on her. I just stole her name. But other than Brian, who if you know who inspired that character, that name will make sense *wink* the names just come to me when I’m writing. And sometimes not right away. Sometimes a character is named Girl-1 or GuitaristDude for half the book, until the right name comes to me. No character went through as many name changes as did Reagan in Double Time. I think I changed her name about 10 times, but Reagan is the proper fit.

Who was your favourite character to write for?

Whichever one I’m working on at the moment. It changes with each book.

Snog, Marry, Date, One night stand, Best friends. Which of each of the 5 characters would YOU pick for each category?

Snog- Sed Lionheart (vocalist)

Marry- Brian Sinclair (lead guitarist)

Date- Jace Seymour (bassist)

One Night Stand- Trey Mills (rhythm guitarist)

Best Friends- Eric Sticks (drummer)

Dare has popped up quite a bit through out the first 3 books, might he get his own book?

That’s the plan, but I haven’t started working on it yet. I have started working on Logan’s book. He’s the bassist in Dare’s band, Exodus End.

A question from another reader: How will the timeline for the last 2 books work as it seems like the two remaining characters are already well into their own stories?

The books were released out of order, so the timeline stays true to the order I wrote them in. Hot Ticket occurs concurrently and after Rock Hard. Then Wicked Beat comes between Hot Ticket and Double Time. Double Time is the end of the series. The only thing that changed was that the publisher released them in the wrong order.

11. Hot Ticket is almost here! Personally i cant wait. Do you get nervous in the run up to a release date?

Not nervous really. There’s nothing you can do about the book once it’s released in the world. I do find I read my reviews right before a release. I try not to do that much after a book is out because all the conflicting opinions make me question my ability as an author.

If you were stranded on a Desert Island what things would you want to have with you?

Food, water, indoor plumbing and something to write on. And a Wilson volleyball to talk to.

Do you have a motto in life?

Get out of your own way. You never know what you can do, if you’re too afraid to try something new. (that rhymes! Sounds like something out of Dr. Seuss)

When is the last time you laughed / cried?

Yesterday, when I was writing. Yesterday, when I was writing. I’m an emotional wreck when I write. 🙂 After I finish answering my email messages, I’m going to go write, laugh and cry today too.

What is your greatest achievement?

That’s a difficult question. I’ve raised a great son on my own, completed a masters degree in an advanced science field, attained the career I wanted, and recently left that career to write full-time. So I guess my greatest achievement has been identifying my dreams, attempting to make them a reality, and sometimes succeeding.

What would you like to say to your fans?

You rock! I couldn’t have attained my dream of writing full-time without you. And yes, I know, I need to write faster.

Finally can i interview you again at the end of the series?