That Day

Today is World Poetry Day, as such I have decided to bite the bullet, take the plunge, grab the monkey by the tail…. I could go on but I can hear you begging me to stop 😉

The Following is a Poem I wrote a few months ago. It truly is amazing how getting something down on paper can help you! If there is something rattling around that head of yours, I recommend grabbing a pen and a bit of paper and letting it all out. So here goes…

That Day

That day
The most significant day
It was the day my world shook

Was it raining? Cold? Windy?
I don’t know
I do know I will never remember the day I will never forget

Well… I remember screaming, the shocked faces just sitting, staring
I remember the sound of my phone ringing, and my body unable to move to answer it
I remember the sweet tea and even now I remember it was disgusting

I don’t remember making calls, maybe I didn’t?
I don’t remember packing, maybe I didn’t?
I do remember six long hours sitting in a car, shell-shocked
Sleep finding me five minutes from home, I think?

I remember their faces
Faces I wish I could forget
I wish I could forget that day
Ten years seem like such a long time
Yet that day could have been yesterday
So, if I can remember nothing how come I will never forget that day

Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket

The fourth book released, though third in reading order from the Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning.

We met Jace Seymore way back in the first book – Backstage Pass. We knew he was quiet and wasn’t with sinners for fame, he wasn’t very comfortable in the limelight. We knew he was a latecomer to Sinners as a replacement to John Mallory and he knew Eric had a chip on his shoulder cos Jace or ‘littleman’ as he calls him replaced his best friend in the band. We also knew that he never really felt that he was ‘one of them’. Well girls did your mammy never tell you its the quiet ones you have to watch out for?

Who knew Jace had quite the story to tell?

We pick up Hot Ticket in Las Vegas, the night of Brian’s bachelor party. Walking through the strip club he makes a beeline to a particular dancer. ‘Mistress V’, up there on her podium cracking a whip, dressed in black leather – she is just what he needs.

Mistress V, aka Aggie has an Asshole radar. Every guy she sees can be put on one of two lists. But this guy walking towards her now, with the Platinum hair and the dark stubble, he has her stumped. This never happens and she needs to make a third list just for him!

When she cracks her whip a hairbreadth from his face and he doesn’t even flinch Aggie knows she could have some fun trying to break this one. Little does she know that this guy, unlike her regulars, isn’t looking to be broken. All he is after is the pain. As much as she can dish out he can handle. He wants it, and much more than that – he needs it.

When Jace notices commotion involving his band members ( which we now know is when Sed spots Jessica dancing in the club) he has to leave Mistress V and come to the aid of this friends. WIth the fight that ensues, he must leave and go back to his bus but he just can’t get the sexy Dominatrix out of his mind.

Following words with Eric Jace storms off, and he knows exactly where he needs to go. He waits out the side door of the strip joint for Mistress V, he needs to be alone with her so she can give him the release he has needed for a while. However, as she explains to him it’s just not as easy at that and gives him her card and tells him where to be the next night. She also tells him if he is late she wont open the door, so he makes sure he is early – even though he has a gig that night.

Mistress V tries her best to break him, but he isn’t even flinching. He gets the better of her and she breaks her own cardinal rule and draws blood. Shocked to the core she has to stop. When tending to his wounds she sees a world of pain in his eyes and makes a vow to help him, but not as Mistress V. She brings him to her own private quarters and drops the Dominatrix act.

Will he open up to her, let her into his world of hurt? Will he tell her why he deserves to be in pain? Will she understand? What will happen when it is time to leave Las Vegas? If he decides he wants to make something of this how is he going to feel about her doing this with other men?

Seriously, I thought this would be the tamest book of the bunch. OK so I knew he had all this kinky stuff going on but I thought that Jace’s story would be all about the sex. Never would I have that there was so much going on in the quiet boys head. I love the dynamic of Jace and Aggie, especially since they are both used to being the dominant partner, eventually something will give and someone has got to cave.

I don’t want to give away too much about the story but my oh my, he has some serious issues, and some seriously kinky ways of dealing with it. He also has to come to terms with John Mallory being back on the scene while he is out of action after being shot. Why was he shot? Well that’s something you will have to find out all by yourself, sure if I tell you then you wont need to read the book.

Will Jace stay forever tortured by his demons or will he eventually let Aggie bring him to his knees?

Olivia Cunning has brought Jace to life in a way that I would never have thought possible. The lady is gifted!

I went from thinking this would be the tamest book to it being up there as possibly one of my favourites! I can’t wait til the next one!

If you would like a visual of all the boys check them out here

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To read the interview with Olivia Cunning please click here

Noah (5th Street #1)


Meet Veronica Cruz, or Ronni as you will come to know her. At only 28 she has been virtually severed from the rest of the civilisation. After taking a career break to care for her dying mother, Veronica is now in Limbo. Her mother passed away now she doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. She wants to go back to work but has put on 40lbs and there is no way she is going back looking like that. She has turne into a frump, her clothes don’t fit her and she feels she has aged 10 years.

Enter Nellie, Veronica’s best friend. Nellie has brought Ronni a present, a pass to 5th Street. A Gym in East LA that isn’t like all those other gyms, full of love me do’s and exhibition artists. Nellie got two free 1 week passes. If her weight is the thing that is holding Ronni back from living her life then they would just have to do something about it.

Noah Quintanilla works at 5th Street, the well-known boxing Gym. He is just holding out for Jack, the Gym’s owner to let him start training, he is ready and anxious to start. Things start looking up for Noah when Jack tell him today is his luck day. He points to the two ladies and tells Noah to get to work.

Underneath the baggy clothes and extra few pounds Noah see’s not only a determination and motivation he never expected to see from Veronica but also into the heart of someone who is fast becoming one of the closest friends he has ever had. When circumstances find Noah renting a room for Veronica, he just can’t help the feelings that continue to grow. It’s not all one-sided either, but Veronica is adamant that with an 8 year age gap – there is just no question, it’s a non issue they cannot have a relationship. With Nellie’s own life hitting the skids Veronica has even more time on her hands, and now spending time with Noah not only at the gym but at home as well, she has to continually fight the feelings that just keep building in her.

After losing all her excess weight and deciding it was now time to get her life back on track, Veronica starts to make plans about going back to work and reviving her social life. With a big fight on the Horizon after months out of action due to an injury, Noah gets stuck in to his training, though is distracted every time someone tries to make a move on Veronica in the Gym.

Can Noah keep his head in the game? Will his attraction to Veronica spell disaster for his boxing career? Can Veronica stop thinking about Noah’s age for long enough to listen to her heart or is she so hell-bent on believing a 20-year-old couldn’t be on the same page as her that she may just throw away the best thing to ever happen to her?

Welcome back Elizabeth Reyes, we have missed you! Hot off the heels of the delectable Moreno Brothers we are now in East LA with the boxers of 5th Street Gym. Wow, what my imagination can do with the tasty descriptions of these boys. I’m fanning myself here as I write. If you were a fan of the Moreno Brothers then you will just love 5th Street. We meet Noah, Gio, Hector and Abel. Four boys sure to get the heart beating faster.

All the intensity we have come to expect from Reyes is there in spades. You can almost feel all the emotions bouncing off the page (or in my case screen ;)). Noah has it bad for Ronni, but what the hell can he do to get her to see that he is ready. He might only be twenty, but when you were brought up the way he was age doesn’t mean shit. She has to realise that life experience doesn’t come with age, hell there are men out there ten years older that aren’t half the man he is at 20. But how is he going to make her see that. Veronica can’t help the building attraction or how she feels when she is with him but there are other things she has to concentrate on first, like getting back to work, reviving her social life and get her confidence back.

As the lines start to blur with, good night kisses and lingering hugs – how will Noah react to Veronica’s social life plans. Will he manage to get her to give in to her heart, prove to her that age is just an illusion or is her stubbornness and her dinners with her ex going to break Noah’s heart and ruin the best relationship he’s ever had?

I absolutely love this book, and the best thing is that when you read this there are two more waiting for you. I have read them and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I started Noah on Friday and finished Hector today, and already I am pining for Abel. It is due later this year and Elizabeth Reyes assures me its her longest book. I for one can’t wait!

You can buy Noah on Kobo Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes

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