Is time running out for the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie?

Fifty Shades of Grey. What can I say that hasn’t been said already?

These three books set about my own personal reading revolution. I have said before that after having my children I just didn’t have the time to read. Three children under the age of three – hell I didn’t have time to wash my face and couldn’t even have a toilet break on my own! (That’s still debatable today!)

Then came summer 2012, all my friends were reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I didn’t have time to. I had no interest in reading it, sure its just pure filth and I certainly couldn’t be reading it while looking after my children. Then we had all the subtle and not so subtle jokes that if you weren’t ‘in the know’ well, you just weren’t in the know. Anyone who knows me knows that when I get past my initial shyness (ahem!) I am a small bit of a (huge) chatterbox, my daddy says why use ten words when a hundred will do lol. So my friend says ‘Get the e-Book’. So off Tanya goes and gets the Kobo app for Smartphone. And I got the first book Fifty Shades of Grey. Well I was hooked, right from the very first chapter. What was that about not being able to read it around the children? Scratch it. It was June 2012, and I read it while sitting in the garden while the children played or while sitting looking out the window at them playing. I then read Fifty Shades of Darker and Fifty Shades of Freed, and I read them twice in 8 days. What did i think of them? Well, I hate to repeat myself but in this instance I don’t mind – I read them twice in 8 days!

Then there was all the talk about the FSoG movie and everywhere you looked there were gossip columns and online tabloids reporting that this celebrity or that was taking the role of Christian Grey, when in reality a director hadn’t even been secured. We all joined in with these posts, Shared the Status updates of the ‘breaking news’ and cringed or jumped for joy about the latest suggestion. Always the excitement is over Christian, some about Elliot and Ethan. Never much on Ana, Kate or Mia – I mean who cares? I know I wont be looking at them. That was 2012 though. The movie isn’t out until 2014. So many times I have heard people say its going to be too late, this leads me to wonder – Is time running out for the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie?

Will people still be interested in Christian and Ana next year? Will the shock factor and the excitement factor that hit us all last year still be around? Will there be a different sensation this year that will knock Christian and Ana off their pedestal. Will we have moved on?

I know that since I read the trilogy a whole new world of books opened up to me. I was addicted. Not just to the theme and the amount of sex in it – cos let’s be honest, that was exhausting. There is only so much sex two people can have. I was hooked on this new Genre of books. Certainly new to me at the very least. I went on to read the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day, The Sinners on Tour Series by Olivia Cunning and many more besides. It also led me to the New Adult Genre, which I must say I am really enjoying and have spent a lot of my free time – and time that’s not meant to be free reading. With so many of these books out there, and many of which were there before FSoG, though I am sure they have benefited from the hype, is there enough interest still out there for the movie or has all the hype faded?

I think the best way to answer this is to swing by and take a look at the New York Times Best Sellers. Fifty Shades of Grey is at No. 15 in the Combined Print and EBook Fiction Charts. That is across ALL genre! This is after 55 weeks in the charts. That is is nothing short of phenomenal. Fifty Shades of Freed is No. 22 and Fifty Shades of Darker is No. 23. It tells me that while there may not be article after article about the sensation that is FSoG and it may not be all over Facebook or Twitter every time you log in, the interest is still there. I can imagine it being like Sex and The City, the Cinema’s will sell out. I think that it will be the most hotly (emphasis on the HOT) anticipated movie of next year! I just hope they can do it justice!

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