OK I know this is a book blog but….

So it is not big secret to anyone out there that Colleen Hoover is one of my favourite authors in the world. Losing Hope is my number one book. EVER. I don’t see that changing. EVER.

Have you had a look at the cover of Losing Hope. Isn’t that just a damn fine specimen gracing the cover. You probably already know that the name attached to said damn fine specimen is Griffin Peterson. You probably already know he was on American Idol season 12. I didn’t. You know, being stuck over here in that patch of grass known as Ireland and all that. Also having my head stuck in a book and not watching much telly didn’t help. Well I must agree with the masses – that boy can sing!

Two days ago he released two singles. Getaway and Makes Me Hold On To You, well let me tell you he can be my getaway and hold on to me anytime he likes! Anyways..several times today his face has popped up in front of me – not that I am complaining so I said feck it I will get them now. Off i trotted over to iTunes and bought them both. BARGAINS at .99c each. Let me tell you ladies – he sounds every bit as good as he looks!

I was also catching up on CoHo’s (thanks to JR Lewis for coining that btw) blog earlier and saw that Hopeless and Losing Hope had both been optioned. Cue one of the many happy dances I happened to perform in my kitchen today. The thought struck me, the boy looks good, sounds good but I hope to God he can act. I can’t imagine Holder fans settling for anything less than…well Holder 🙂

Go get your copy of Griffins Singles; Getaway and Makes Me Hold On To You You won’t regret it.

And just for those of you that would like a not so sneaky reminder..

Losing Hope

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