The best interview?

Of all the interviews I have done on this blog two of them still receive hits on a daily basis. With only 10 hits between them I thought I would put it out there and see who you thought deserved to be labelled ‘Best interview of 2013’ in my end of year awards.

Did you know I was having an end of year awards? No? Me either I just decided about two lines ago ūüėČ The seed was actually planted back in August by the lady we all have to thank for me starting this blog, none other than Carmel Harrington.

So who do you think should win this (not so) coveted title?

The fabulous Neda from The SubClub Book Club, who just cannot fathomm that her interview was so popular! I mean, of course it was. She has one of the best blogs around for us readers that like it a bit hot ūüėČ To have a look at Neda’s Interview click HERE.

Mr Drake Stevenson, a character interview from The Rocker That Needs Me, by the super talented Terri Anne Browning. My first and so far only interview with a character from a book. I must admit – I was a bit skeptical but it was hugely enjoyable and well the figures speak for themselves. To read Drake’s Interview click HERE .

I can’t wait to see what you think.

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